Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bullet Points

I'm feeling all random... Lots of "stuff" happening, but no cool stories, so I'm deciding to just do some bullet points.

  • Officially signed up and started 12 weeks of training for Soma half IM
  • It's hot and nasty in AZ
  • I hate IT bands - but am back on my stretching routine, so hopefully I can avoid damage
  • I started riding mini-me again. Damn she is so much easier to lugg around than my road bike
  • Aero position REALLY hurts my you know what. I forgot how you have to sort of get used to it or go numb
  • I'm tweaking my saddle position a little. I think when it was in and out of bike shops the saddle position got moved. I can see it in my bike pictures. My arms look so stretched out. When I got my F.I.S.T fit they were like a right angle. Hmmm, something has happened.
  • It was pointed out to me that my left leg does this shimmy thing at the bottom of my pedal. Now I'm OBSESSED with it. It TOTALLY does. I have realized that there is WAY too much play in my left clip. Does anyone know how to tweak this on speedplays?
  • It's hot in AZ
  • Did I already say that?
  • We are so totally back on the home remodel biznas. All good this time around.
  • So far, we have ordered a new dining room table. Very simple. Dark Chocolate, almost espresso colored rectangle table.
  • We also ordered a dark cherry/espresso BAR. Yup that is right. A BAR! We have this pretty big living room/great room connected to our kitchen that right now is basically wasted space. We have a couch/chair/ottoman there, but we never use it.
  • My new office is almost complete. I'm waiting for some patched holes to dry up so I can do touch up paint. It looks really good.
  • Shane is so in the "dog room" now. It's funny. Especially since the dogs won't hang out there with him. They are always with me.
  • We picked out the pretties travertine for our bathroom remodels. Its' sooooo nice, it almost looks like marble. And, we got a smokin' deal on it.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love 'deals?'
  • Just so happens that there was a close granite match to the stone. Very few left so we are going to buy the granite to go in our kitchen. We'll store it until we can afford to do the new cabinets.
  • So - hopefully in the next month or so we will have some big changes to our poor house that has been neglected for the past few years!
  • It's hot and MUGGY in AZ
  • Crap.. I did already mention that huh?
  • Facebook. Seriously, do we need to spend more time at our computers? I made fun of myspace, but for some reason was Ok with Facebook. That is just dumb. It's so the same thing!
  • YES, I know that I am not 29 anymore. I actually did email the girl that did Supa's blog overhaul again, but I haven't heard back from her. I so need a new look.

Well, I think that's enough randomness for now.... It's pretty much how I'm feeling lately, so I think there will be more bullet points in this blog's future!


Flatman said...

Which speedplays do you have?

X-series: About ~28 degrees of float before you hit the release point. No adjustments whatsoever.

Zeros: 0-15 degrees of adjustable free float. The cleat itself has little set screws that you adjust to limit the float in each direction (inside towards the bike and outside away from it).

Light Actions: ~20 degrees (I think) of "semi-adjustable" free float. You can adjust the point at which your foot stops moving by turning a screw on the cleat, similar to pointing an SPD cleat one direction or the other. Speedplay calls it "heel in" and "heel out" adjustment.

Flatman said...

BTW: It's hot in Texas too...

Anonymous said...

can't help you with the exercise stuff or the heat, but i am totally addicted to facebook! :) emily

Molly said...

i have a preoblem with facebook...i just can not stop!
i will be living vicariously through you on the remodel...we really need one but don't have the dough!
it is hot in TN too!

Benson said...

Also check the cleat on your shoes. They might be worn out. Tighten up all the screws on the cleat too.

it's not so hot up north 'ere eh.

Oh god, remodel, don't remind me. I have so much yet to do.

good luck. I like your choices for table colors and you can't go wrong with granite.

Paul said...

Ditch the speedplays! Go with a pedal that allows for less movement, unless it's not causing your problems. I like the looks because the speedplays ruined my knee. Have you tried other saddles for your tri bike? I just switched to the adamo, ugly but I'm finally comfortable in the aero bars.

Bigun said...

Never did any MySpacing...but me likey facebook (I'm sure you knew). Now they got scrabble on there...Di and I played each other, backs to each other on different computers - HA! Is that not insane?

Judi said...

I am the opposite, I like My Space and never sign into Facebook.

Good ya have another training focus. Gets ya up and out and active.

Steve Stenzel said...

I hate IT bands too.

And I'm TRYING not to get sucked into Facebook. I don't know how much longer I can hold out....