Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Taper?

So everyone is starting to talk about the "Taper" And lots of other friends keep asking me how my "taper" is going...

Well, I'd sure like to FIND this so called "taper" somewhere, cause if I look on my schedule it's REALLY hard to find..... Hmmm.

Mark Allen doesn't believe in Taper? Well, That is what I think anyway!

So Monday my taper was a 1:15 run and a 5500 yard (5000meter) swim. Yes, you read that right.

And Tuesday was a 2:50 bike (I think we did almost that much, but it was all half a@@)

And Wednesday was a 2hr long run and 3800 yard (I did 3500) swim.

And today.. well today my schedule had a speed bike workout, but I just going out of my PJ's and into the shower, and it's 2:40, so It's safe to say that in my self inflicted "taper" it is a rest day for me.

Tomorrow we are doing our long bike ride, which is supposed to be 5hrs, but really, I mean do I REALLY need another 90mile ride? I think.not. So, I've talked the crew into a 4-4:30 ride :-) Hey that 30minutes less does sound better to me...

If you've read my past couple months of training posts you'll see things really started looking up for me. It's been a journey. Lots of ups, and lots of downs. 20 weeks ago I was not sure if I would be able to run 3 miles let alone 30+ per week. I was really frustrated, and angry that I was dealing with that stupid injury again.

About a month or so my runs really started to get better. Not only was I able to complete the distances, but my times were getting faster, and my HR avg's lower.

I never got too excited about it all, because it's not like the IT band wasn't still there. I mean it's not 100%, and based on past experiences (hobbling my way through 20 miles of the New York Marathon when my IT band locked up at mile 6) you just never know what can happen on race day.

Much to my surprise my running has made some crazy breakthrough this time around. I've posted all sub 10min/mile long run paces with my Hr in the first 5-10 beats of my zone 2. When I look back at my paces, pretty much every run has been faster.

Yesterday, I completely shocked myself. I did 2 loops. The first with the dogs, of course, and when I looked at my Garmin splits I did a 9:05 pace with a 144HR on loop 1. And loop 2 with more hills was a 9:25 pace with a 148HR. Total run was 2hrs, 12.95miles, avg Hr 147 and ascent almost 1200 ft.

Did someone steel my Garmin? Well, as ecstatic as I am about those splits, I am not too excited, because I know how I felt last year when I hit the marathon. Hungry, and pretty tired. I think my marathon time was a 5:12...... I'd love to beat that last year, but I've got no crazy fast time goals in my head, that is for sure!!

I know that I have worked my ass off the past 5 months. I've done more exercise and training sessions that last year that is for sure, and I haven't lost my drive (yet). I haven't over trained or done anything above and beyond (I imagine looking at some of the crazy hours I've got on my sidebar some of you might think so), I've simply followed the plan.

I see that some people are starting to post goals.. I've even heard my training buddies talk about some time goals. It's funny though - I hear their goals and I think absolutely! They are both great endurance athletes and I could totally see it happening. But even though my training has surpassed theirs (Quantity/hours spent NOT Quality)I just don't have that confidence to think that high, that far... that BIG of my own goals...

As for me, of course based on my training times I could come up with some numbers, but honestly... I've seen so many things happen to friends at this distance, not to mention having my own bad luck at races that I'm just not confident enough to put it all out there.

Who knows, maybe I should. Suck it up. Make some time goals and lay it all out there? Maybe THAT would light my fire when I feel like WALKING at mile 10 :-)

For now, I'm happy just waiting to see what happens on race day. I'm not the most competitive person you'll meet that is for sure, so if you do see me messing around - maybe fire me up a little...get me movin!

OK, wait.. I lied.. I do have ONE goal.
Is it TOO much to ask for me to beat HIM out of the water JUST once??


Anonymous said...

i TOTALLY relate to this 'taper' talk. i've been on a super hectic tv viewing schedule for months and i was really looking forward to this 'taper' i keep hearing about. BUT when i looked at the tv guide i see top chef marathon in my schedule. so here i am busting my ass sitting on it watching hour after hour after hour...damn i'm exhausted.


Paul said...

Almost here! Sounds like you are ready too! Go for it, cuz if you can't beat him on the swim, crush him on the bike or the run. Take your pick. :)

Erin said...

I thought the same thing when I saw my final few weeks of my training schedule for IM-Moo last year. I was prepared for 2 mile jogs and 500 meter swims (or a handful of rest days in a row, if I'm really honest with myself), not 2-hour (ez!) bike with an hour run tacked onto it. I was like, "Where's the stupid taper? When does it start???"

Honestly, though, you've done all the hard work already that you need to do. I love this saying that I heard last year, as it's so true: "You're already an Ironman (again!), the race is just a celebration."

Don't worry about not having set-in-stone time never know what's going to happen out there, and if you're not wed to a number on a clock, you'll enjoy yourself more and likely make smarter decisions about YOUR race.


Tea said...

I hate the whole goal thing. Mr. Tea kept bugging me for them, but I guess since he has to keep track of two kids while I'm on the makes sense. I just might always be one of those "anytime before 17hours is good with me" types. :)

And congrats on the anniversary!

Bigun said...

Now I really feal bad...I'm probalby the only one of us who took last week almost completely off! That's right...I tapered like fool! I'm trying to add another subdermal layer to ward off Lake CdA...

Supalinds said...

Oh girl, here is to beating him out of the water - that is a fine goal to light your fire and a litte inter competition that puts fun into the race.

You are going to rock!! Can't wait to meet with you and race beside (more likely behind) you.

Comm's said...

Very excited for the big day coming up. Love having multiple people to follow.