Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another by the numbers

Made it through week 17, with some great numbers. I'm feeling fantastic to tell you the truth. I don't remember feeling this good last year? I remember, during the taper, not wanting to do ANYTHING... but sleep, and eat. While, I'm not quite to the taper... I feel totally ready. I just wish we still didn't have a 5hr ride this coming week.

Our schedule this year really upped the bike mileage, and while cycling never hurts my legs or my IT's... it's just getting really really hot here so ending a ride in 95-100deg temps, then having to run is a little less than fun.
I mapped out a pretty good route for yesterday. We started out with a few short/steep hills. Then did some gradual climbing of about 1500 ft over the next couple hours. And, the kicker - we finished up climbing ~10-15% grade 2mile hill at the end. It was HOT. Thankfully, we made a good decision and stopped for ice/water refills before the climb. Best.idea.ever.

The heat went from under 70degs (perfect) to start, to about 95 when we were coming up the hills. It hit hard. I consumed more fluids between hours 3-4.5 than the entire first 3 hours (and had to pee twice)! I started to just drool thinking about ice. and ICE.COLD water!

I felt better than ever climbing that hill at the end, and finished strong. The run was ok. Just too hot for my body. Legs felt fantastic, just pretty over-heated. I got home where Melisa & Shane were already sitting in the pool. Took off my Garmin, shoes & socks and dove in. I didn't care what temp it was. Instant relief. I tell ya, growing up in the Pacific Northwest really trained my body to not metabolise in the heat very well... I have to stay cool, keep my body wet/hydrated to stay healthy in it, that's for sure....

This week's totals, including 1hr strength training 21hours.

But what is even more crazy are the month end numbers.... just under 80hrs of training, including 4 of strength. The craziest part. Almost 50,000yards of swimming. Bring on the taper!!!


Spokane Al said...

It sounds to me like you are ready to rock at IM CDA. Your training levels and speeds are absolutely phenomenal.

SWTrigal said...

As I noted on my blog-I think we are all ready for the 10k open water race at the Olympics with all this swimming don't you?
Happy taper!

momo said...

you forgot to mention that we were sitting by the pool, margaritas in hand... HAHA!

Tea said...

95 degree heat, climbing hills, CDA will be a piece o'cake for you!

Supalinds said...

Wowzers - you deserve a marg! You are a training machine and you should be proud of yourself! 80 hours...really that is so great. You are going to kick CDA's ass!

I want to hear what you are are wearing for your tri top! It is all about looking good now.

As for the pool, I could feel how good that must have felt to jump in!!!!