Sunday, April 20, 2008

The BIATCHES at Rage took my fire...

I'm not sure if I went into this race missing my mojo, or if the nasty, rude, uber-competitive biatches in Age Group 30-34 just ruined it for me. But, it was gone. I had a decent swim (28:30), an OK bike ~1:24-1:25 and a not so great run, PW 10k (1:07 I think)... Oh - and don't even get me started on Transitions!!! I missed my bike on T-1, couldn't get my wet suit off, and had MORE encounters with the biatches!

I will write up a full race report later, but I knew some people would be asking so I decided to post something. Needless to say that no speedwork and crazy long workouts with a low HR do not equal any "get up and go" speed in an Olympic race. The weird part. Nothing hurt, nothing even felt strenuous (even with HORRID wind and ice cold water). And, for the first time I finished a race and just went "oh, well that's over.." instead of. "Shit, I want to puke. OUCH that hurt, etc."..

Today, I'm not even sore. At. ALL. People, I get sore from a 10K. From some tempo runs. The only thing that hurts is my ankles. Because well, in Phoenix you don't exactly get trained to run up a 20% grade in 4 inches of sand for 3/4mile. Ok, actually I walked most of it (hence the no mojo).

But, rather than make this a pitty party, grumpy post. The GOOD news is. My IT BAND HELD UP!!! I felt some twinges in my hip and knee during the bike, and it got really sore coming down the HELL HILL, but even after driving home for 4+hrs it is totally fine.

So, now I say. Bring on the speed work and the rest of CDA training. And most importantly bring on the amazing, fun, friendly happy Ironman peeps and sherpas of CDA. These are my kinda people, and as hard as I tried to bring it out in the 30-34 biatches at Rage, I couldn't do it. I think that I used to like a little of the competition, but after training and racing with momo, she's taught me how much I do it for me, and for fun, and for the spirit, and NOT to be one of the biatches.

OH, and Mini-me. Yes, I loved the wheels. They were smooth and comfortable, but I did bike faster last year. Not blaming that on the wheels though. I didn't give it my effort and with the wind really just hung on for dear life. So, I'll be writing a check for them, and hoping they work out just as nice in CDA. Well, plus my mojo... which I have 10 weeks to find.

Race Report to follow soon :-)


momo said...

that 30-34 age group is all those fast girls just coming back from having their babies. they're just so excited to be out of the house... :-)

its all about the fun, girlfriend.

Spokane Al said...

I am glad to hear that your IT band held up. And that is what was really important at this point in your training - right?

Molly said...

For what it is worth your numbers look great to me!
Glad the IT band is good!
(Still LOVE the Halo!)
Take Care

monica said...

so sorry i was in such a rudh and kinda out of it when you saw me in t1. that 6am start had me rushing at the last minute.

uuuuuugh!!! that was a mother of a course!!! how'd shane do in the half?? i saw him at the swim start and was pretty much out of my brain by them time i hit the run, so even if he passed me, i wouldn't have known!!

oh, and hate to break it to ya, but the fast biatches get worse in 35-39. i compare my time at an olympic in 35-39 where i get maybe 16th place, and that time coulda got me 5th place in 30-34. kills me...

TriSherpa Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

hey - it was a good early race for you. Making sure you train injury free is more important right now.

Supalinds said...

Damn biatches. Can't wait to hear the race report, and can't believe you are not sore. That is awesome.

In CDA at least we can band together against the biatches...although I will be kicking their asses from behind you :)

Dying Water Buffalo said...

LOL to momo's comment

Comm's said...

I have found that training at IM level is counter intuitive to any real speed work on a short course. Over the next 10 weeks. forget about the Rage race and focus on getting in the LSD you need for CdA.

You will already hate the distances the closer to taper you get, find a way to funnel that into a race or epic training weekend (Maybe Tempe International oly) where you can remember WHY you love the sport so much.