Friday, April 25, 2008


My first speed run. OUCH. OUCH. And More OUCH!

My legs felt every step. Not because I was running so hard, but they are toast. Bulking all my workouts in before this one made it it a little tough (especially the long one, 16m on Wed)... But, I survived, and after my swim today I just have my long bike and a rest day to look forward to on Sunday! Yippeee!!!

The HR's I've posted are the average HR for the Lap. I pushed it up to 180-186 (max), but that would be at the very end! The good news is the HR dropped very quickly on the rest sets and did not stay elevated.

I did end up walking on my "rest" times.. and on the 1 min intervals I took :30 walk PLUS :15-:30 jog to get my legs movin again.

Here's what it looked like!
WU - 10mins, (10:12m/m 150HR)

4x:15 pickups, :10rest PLUS 2.5min easy (8:59m/m 1:57 HR)

4x3:00 on 1:00 rest (walked rests)

1. 8:14m/m, 169HR
2. 7:48m/m, 173HR
3. 7:40m/m, 176HR
4. 8:02m/m, 173

2x6:00 on 2:00 rest

1. 8:11m/m, 173HR
2. 7:56m/m, 177HR

6x1:00 on :30 rest (i took a little longer rest)

1. 7:40mm, 167HR
2. 7:46mm, 173
3. 7:44mm, 171
4. 7:58mm, 168
5. 7:29mm, 171
6. 7:11mm, 171

CD 11 mins!


Judi said...

Girl, you are such a techie. :)

Andra Sue said...

Yes indeed, that looks painful! Don't pretend you didn't like it, though. ;)

Spokane Al said...

Speed work is good stuff! Our speed work coach tells us that we need to do it every week for six weeks before we start to see some improvement so don't give it up!

Molly said...

wow...what a workout!
take care