Monday, October 15, 2007

Could it be true?

So I actually put a swimsuit on... drove to the gym.... put my swimcap & goggles on... got IN the pool... and swam a few laps!

I have not done this for over 3 months.

Let me digress.....

Since my epidural injections on Monday, I've had an interesting week. As I mentioned in my last post, I hibernated for 5 days. Friday, I finally decided enough was enough. I went out for a 30min easy run.

Err... TRIED to go out for a 30min easy run. I started, nice and easy. HR 140. Legs weightless... It was going oh, so well. Then Snap. It happened. My legs turned to ichy firey red hivey mess. It started about 6mins into it. I kinda just thought maybe they're itchy cause I need to shave. (this is what happens when you are hibernating, no need to shave).... so, I suffered a few more mins.

About 10mins out I could not take it any longer. I found some shade, stopped, scratched the hell out of my legs... and walked and pouted that long mile back home.

By the time I got home i was fine. My legs were still red, but not full of hives. WTF? All I could come up with was it had to be the steroids they injected into my spine!

Of course it did not end there. I also stopped sleeping. After 3 glorious nights of 8-10 hours of sleep Mon-Wed, I think I have slept all of like 5 hours since. Well, except Saturday night when I drugged myself with the wonder drug Ambien.

I'm wide awake. I'm hot as a menopausal woman in August (hello, I'm STILL, even if for a very short time, in my 20s!). My resting HR feels like it is like 120bpm. And my 70 dog blankets are NOT helping this matter.

Anyhoo... I'm hoping all of this subsides... somehow... SOON!

So, back to my weekend. After a disappointing not so much of a run on Friday, I did not attempt exercise on Saturday, but did manage a 2hour bike ride with Shane, Stacey & Dave. We weren't breaking any records, and my HR was about 20bpms higher than it should have been. BUT, I did it, and my legs were not on fire. Feeewww. Mission Accomplished.

So today, I decided to attempt the swim. My arms have had no pain post injections. I've still had some off/on soreness, numbness & tingling of my neck & shoulder on my right side. Friday it hurt like hell. Saturday, completely pain free.

I don't know how far I swam. I didn't bring a watch. I didn't count laps. I just went VERY slowly, trying not to irritate anything. It was effortless. I had no pain. Afterwards I noticed the same right side stiffness was back, but it's been about 4 hours & it feels ok now.

So, it looks like the steroids, as crazy as they might be making me, are working. I'm waiting for a call from the Dr. to schedule my next set that will happen next week. I'm not looking forward to the side effects, but I am really looking forward to the results....

I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of THIS tunnel..... I just hope it continues on this path!


Spokane Al said...

I sure hope you are on the road to a cure. And I say one thing for you - you definitely catch some interesting illnesses, injuries and symptoms.

Sharon said...

Yeah, I had that "no-sleeping" thing for a couple of days, too! I forgot about that!! It's like being all jacked up on Mountain Dew...Hurray that the treatments are working!!!!

brendaj said...

Sounds like good progress!

Benson said...

The roids are a crazy thing. I had the same hives on my legs reaction and popped out of bed like a piece of toast for a few days too.
But they work. Glad to hear you're getting results.