Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rocky Point Triathlon Warm up

Yesterday was kinda a tough day for me. Emotions were high and I was in a crappy, stressed out & frustrated mood. I did receive a special delivery from my college bff, Erin that helped, but one can only eat so much chocolate. EVEN ME!

So, a few texts back and forth with one of my partners in crime and sure enough T was at my door ready to lift my spirts… and a cocktail glass. She rode her bike over and the plan was for Matty to pick her up after his tennis match. Not only did he come join us, but he also picked up some dinner on the way. Seriously, my friends are awesome. Apparently they didn't agree with me that Vodka and chocolate was an appropriate meal.

A few too many cocktails, some unnecessary drunk texts to Michelle, and I was on my way to practicing the art of the pre-rocky point triathlon experience.

This is what I usually look like a the finish line… Complete DEATH.

So, after practicing the cocktail part last night, I woke up and made a detox juice (spinach, kale, carrots, beet, celery, granny smith apple, pink lady apple & 1/4 lemon). I felt pretty zippy afterwards so I headed out for my run. I'm pretty sure one of the drunken text/videos sent to Michelle last night had me proclaiming how I was going to kick my run's ass today…

Well, the run wasn't exactly my star performance, but I sure did remember what it's like to try to run in the heat + sun after cocktails.

And, just for fun I tried out my new prized possession that I've been trying to find FOREVER. It's so big I'm pretty sure I won't gain any more sun freckles and other than that, it's just plain awesome.

This my friends is what you'll be seeing me look like south of the border post race. A sweaty mess, shitty grin, awesome hat and sun…. The only difference is there will be a beer in my hand, and for Matty's benefit an added coolness factor of the Mexico aviator sunglasses.

Life is good….


Kate C. said...

Hilarious! Vodka & chocolate are ALWAYS a good pre-run fueling choice. :) Tell S good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

You Rock!!!!