Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remembering, By Taylor Neil (my mini-me niece)

I am not ready to write about the unimaginable, sudden loss of my mom yet… But, beyond her years and maturity my amazing 9 year old niece sent me this email this morning. It was just too precious not to share… Clearly, My sister and brother in law could not be doing a better job of raising her.

We all remember Grandmy Sue.She was a wonderful Nurse,Mom,Grandma,Sister,Cousin, But best of all a wonderful wife.
She did every thing she could to help everybody she could.
We are all thankful of how long she was here and how much she did help us.
She was a wonderful nurse.
She helped every body she could from giving them a bandaid to giving them medicine.
Miller, Mrs. (School Nurse) |
She was a wonderful mom to Holly, Krista and Michael.
She loved them very much.
She took them to school every day.
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She was a wonderful Grandma not only to me but to Stephenie,Jack and now Michela.
She spent alot of time with of her grankids.

She was a wonderful sister.
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She was a wonderful cousin.
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But most importantly she was a....
Wonderful Wife
The end


elizabeth said...

Awww! Krista I am SO SORRY to hear your mother passed away. Thinking about you!!

Molly said...

Incredibly sweet. You are in my thoughts. Please let me know if you need anything.

Ginger Spansel said...

Peace be with you Krista.

I lost my Dad the day before Thanksgiving in 2010. He went into the hospital on Monday and was gone on Wednesday. I couldn't get there. Our last words were "I love you Daddy", "I love you too sweetie".

You're in my thoughts.