Thursday, March 8, 2012

March, WHAT?

Where the hell did February go? Between a HUGE training month and weekly visits to the vet for Baxter's leg as well as spending every minute worried about him, I guess time just slipped away…

But, it's March. And, BATSHITCRAZY camp time is almost here! It was maybe 6 months ago, another athlete of hers & I were chatting in the pool wondering what it would take to get Michelle out here for a camp. Turns out, not that much convincing. By December the plans were made, flights purchased and her #howmuchcanItrashteach in just a long weekend efforts in full force.

Well, last weekend while sipping a bloody mary reading a book at the beach, I mapped out the routes for her on, so I guess when I'm dying I have no one to blame but myself. I will however NOT take blame for some other ideas she texted me about a couple days ago. I'll participate, just cause I can't seem to say NO, but won't take blame. I told her she may have a couple of athletes **my husband** disown her.

So, Michelle actually arrives sometime today, her flight is almost 12 hours late… I'll get her back to my house to set up her bike, hopefully have time for us to do a ride since that was my scheduled ride today, then she's taking my truck off to Tucson for her own smash fest with Hillary Biscay… Back Monday to hang/train/catch up on work for the week and then camp starts Thursday. There are 7 of us doing it, should be fantastic. I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled I get to train with her all week. I know she'll make me work hard on the bike, but I mostly want to swim with her! I'm working hard on my swim, but maybe she can see SOMETHING I'm missing?? Or, maybe I just have to HTFU and make myself feel like I'm gonna puke to hit the intervals she gives me.

Back to my sitting on the beach. Boy oh boy did I miss Mexico. We try to go at least once a month, but when we scheduled Baxter's surgery I stayed home to play dog nurse while Shane went down with a friend of ours for the Roger Clyne January Jam show. I missed out on the last show in June because of IMCDA so I was bummed. But, I just couldn't ask, or trust really, anyone to wait on my 70lb dog for 3 days. I love that dog more than I ever thought possible, but holymoly I'm fairly confident I lost a year of my own life due to stress and anxiety through out his healing process….

I wanted nothing more than to celebrate his leg being healed, and go sit my ass and his on the beach doing NOTHING. The timing was perfect for me to have a psuedo rest weekend from training, and I knew after all his crazy blood clot/hospital stays, that nothing would lift his spirits than his favorite place on earth, Bub's beach. Turns out the surgeon agreed. Our strict orders were to take Baxter on daily 10min walks to the beach where he would be FORCED to use his leg vs hobbling around on 3. Every day he got stronger, and more confident - and now just a week later he is trotting around the house like #nothingeverhappened.

God bless that BADASS dog. Pretty soon we'll start working with him on longer walks and maybe 1 minute runs here or there. Just like our own PT and returning to running after injuries, we'll have to slowly build him. Trouble is, he's just like me thinking EVERYTHING is just fine now, let's roll.

What else happened in February. OH. Lululemon. I have become 100% obsessed. It's maddening. IwantIwantIwant. I'm so glad I somehow escaped this obsession until now, but all I know is I'm getting very creative with ways to afford to buy all these wonderful pieces of soft, fits just perfect and brightly colored "work out" clothes. Buh buy Nike :)


So my first race of the year will be the Rocky Point Tri. Been doing some part of this race for years now, and let's just say it's always an experience! :)

We are also contemplating doing Boise 70.3. It's always been on the "to do list." I have family in Boise, and the timing is good. The only thing I'm not so happy about is the afternoon race start… I do hate being cold, but waiting around all am. Not so sure about that. We'll decide in a week or so depending on Shane's wrist injury progress!

All fun things to come on the LaPan's road to Ironman Canada…. Now, back to work on my fundraising efforts :)


Jennifer Harrison said...

OH HOW FUN! HAVE a great time with Michelle and training!!!! And yep, lululemon is so so dangerous!

Molly said...

HA!!!! I love that you are hooked on Lululemon now. The good news is, after about 3 years of buying every single thing they put out, you realize you have enough to only hold out for the good pieces. That's how I managed to stop spending $250 a week there. :)

elizabeth said...

You don't want to know where I'm hanging out part time now... do you? Hahaha! And I totally get you on the dog stuff - they mean SO MUCH. Honestly, one of my biggest holdups is not having Cody. It drives me CRAZY! Have FUN with Michelle!!!

Damie said...

you are getting ready to have so much fun. have a great, great training weekend!!!!!!!!