Friday, October 1, 2010


My mind has been all over the place lately. That said, I'm pretty sure this post is going to make absolutely NO sense AT.ALL. You've been warned. Is it too much time on my hands? Mid life crisis? Not that I think being 32 (no I do NOT age myself up even if it's almost my birthday) is mid life... Can you actually have a "mid" life crisis at 32? Hmph.

So, Mexico was a lot of things. It was closure, it was peaceful. It started out sad and way too emotional than a certain dogmom cares to be, but of course it was just what we needed. It was also different in a whole lotta ways.

One of our nights "out" (don't misunderstand the meaning of "out" as we were still bed at 9pm EVERY NIGHT) was just off. We went to one of our favorite places and the vibe was just weird. Then we went to another place for a beer which resulted in a near death experience (slight exaggeration) when some guy dropped his "$450 Armanis (Armani = $5 Mexico sunglasses) just as Shane was walking past him and CRUNCH. Of course the guy was not a LOCAL, but a rude American who wanted to act like a complete JackAss and well, pretty much ruined our night... Which also happened to be the night we were celebrating Shane's birthday.

But anyway, moving on.

Then there was some drama with our house/co-owner. No need to go into details other than saying that he is pretty much a complete IDIOT (Shane has another name but I choose not to use cause it gives me the heebie jeebies). Anyone wanna buy half of a great house in RP? We would LOVE to get rid of him. Just sayin.

Of course, in the end it all ended up fabulous as we stayed an extra day and had the entire beach to ourselves. Which makes for one happy Bubba dog.

Oh yah, that also reminds me of the random Americans on the beach one day that brought there not so polite Pug with them who decided to run away from them and come over to me and try to PEE ON MY CHAIR. Let me just say that Baxter had something to say about THAT.

Anyone noticing a theme here yet? A lot of people are terrified to go to Mexico right now. All I can say is that for as much as we go we have not once had any problems with the locals, the only problems we've ever had or noticed were from you guessed it, Americans.

Ok, back to moving on. And back to the too much time on my hands random thoughts ALL THE TIME and here's one for you that I have been meaning to blog about FOREVER but then I forget.

Biggest Loser's Alison Sweeney. Don't get me wrong. I love the girl. Of course I was a fan of Days of our Lives for YEARS. She was a crazy biatch on the show, but she's fantastic on Biggest Loser. However, what I can't for the life of me figure out is WHO THE HELL IS HER STYLIST? Every time I watch that show, for some reason I come back to the same thing (ok, she's had a couple of "hits") what the hell possessed her to wear that? For instance, last week was a big one when I noticed she actually had on "Michael Jackson-esque" gloves with a weird Jane Jetson metalic dress/top/or coat thingy. It was just WEIRD.

I know, who am I to judge. I wear workout cloths every day and sometimes can't remember the last time I did my hair or put on makeup. But, in my defense I at least KNOW what looks good. Just sayin.

And off that soapbox.

So, I think Baxter is enjoying being an only child. He's taking to it quite well, actually. He's never actually been by himself before and it's almost brought him back to his "youth." It's hilarious and cute and I'm loving it.

I'm really liking the word LEST right now. Not sure why, or what put it into my head but I'm digging it.

So, after IM we had a conversation with our coach. A recap of what we did well/what went wrong during the race. At that time it was a little over a week past Ironman and we were feeling pretty darn good. No more soreness or fatigue. Truth be told, we were actually FIRED UP. Ready to get back at it. I mean, why not? I do really love the training and being outside and active and I was missing it. Of course I have finally gotten a little bit smarter after several years of injury and not resting, etc... Hence having our coach keep us on a schedule which actually is for 2 completely different reasons. 1. Took keep me from hurting myself and 2. To keep Shane motivated :-)

Now, our lady she is said that it was ok that we were feeling good now, but she was basically starting us over. We would stay active, etc but there is no way to make this last. We would start back up in December or so with the "real training" as she calls it, but that eventually that "feeling REAL good" thing, yah it wasn't gonna last.

SHE WAS SO RIGHT. I am sore right now from an embarrassingly slow HOUR bike ride and a 30min 9min mile paced run. Said workout was only 5 hrs ago, and I'm sore. I guess feeling crappy now is a whole lot better than feeling crappy in December, or even worse in March when the fun really starts.

So, I have that going for me.

Have I mentioned how cute Baxter is? Just sayin. Almost as cute on a daily basis as he's going to be on December 11th when he gets to do his FIRST OFFICIAL race. Oh how I wish he could have done this race about 4 years ago when the little bastard was so fast he could have WON the damn thing. But still, he's gonna be about the happiest dog in the world to be at a real race, full of girls to flirt with and people to run down. That's MY boy. If I only had have his competitive spirit, and charm....

When is my Ironman appetite aka tapeworm going to go away?

And another thing. A good thing actually. I can't stop thinking about how many REALLY good people are out there. I supposed this shouldn't be something that I think about only in bad times when people really come thru, but always. However, I just can't express how much all the fantastic things people did, said & expressed over the past 2 weeks meant to Shane & myself. Awesome. And, of course Baxter too as he made out like it was Christmas with the toys and goodies.

So again. Thank you, for the bottom of my heart.

And as if things couldn't get any more random in this blog I'll leave you with this.

"What do I want to be when I grow up?"


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Jaynee said...

wow... that really was all over the place. and that's not a bad thing. some of my best thinking occurs when i'm jumping from one topic to another. glad to hear that you're feeling a little bit better.

big hugs.

or bug higs.

your choice.