Thursday, October 28, 2010

Business is Business

This post is going to be very different from my normal ramblings of training, traveling and playing. I just can't help myself though.

WTC's Ironman Access program.

I love how fired up people get - I'm not one to always put what I think out there, but why not; In my opinion, I think there is a little bit of over-reaction to the WTC announcement. It is a business afterall right? While I'm sure that we would all love to believe that the entire corporation that build the Ironman empire and Brand are out there just to support our athletic endeavors, that just isn't reality.

We all have jobs, we all have dreams and most of us build a career to well, make money. I"m not saying that's the only reason people do their jobs, but in the end how many of us work without the idea of a paycheck? Just sayin. Ironman has build such an amazing Brand that as much as we all bitch and complain about the overpriced races and products, have you yet to see a race NOT sell out, or no line in that finisher's gear tent the day after the race? Yes, I'm calling myself out here as well.

So think about this. Apple has how many products right now that virtually do the same thing with a few extras and multiple sizes? Multiple versions of the iPod. An iPod "touch" that does basically the same thing as an iPhone. Heck, download skype and you can even use it as a phone. When ATT got the exclusive contract with the iPhone, how many of you "boycotted" Apple because it wasn't fair that only ATT clients could enjoy the product? How many of you spent a couple hundred extra $'s to break your Verizon contract so you could be one of the cool kids with the latest technology. Again, props to ATT. And, don't even get me started on the iPad. A giant iPhone. So, who needs your $400 iTouch when you can get the $500-$1000 iPad? I bet it can even fit in your MAC Computer bag?

And yes, I would love all the above but I am in a contract with my blackberry (with ATT) and it works just fine for me thank you very much. my contract may or may not be up in less than a year and I bet I get to get an even NEWER and COOLER version of the Iphone then!


Aren't there a lot of service related businesses that offer "VIP" type programs as well (credit card, airlines, etc). No one is saying you HAVE to pay the $1000 to get into a race. If you don't agree with it then don't sign up for it. Truth be told we all know to ensure you get into an IM race. You register as soon as it's available. I have never had a problem getting in (CDA 07, 08 & 10), and for Canada this year I waited until February and did the community fund where half of the money went to Charity. A win win in my book.

Anyway, just my opinion. And NO I will not be signing up for the Ironman Access Program. On that same note, I'm not saying I support WTC's program, but I'm pretty sure this isn't going to end my Ironman branded race career.


Molly said...

I agree with you. I think it's a silly program, but it doesn't change my interest in doing Ironman races.

Chad said...

I heard the WTC access program sold out in 1 day. I guess the value was obvious to a few folks.

Spokane Al said...

Krista, although, as we know this is now water under the bridge, I appreciate and agree with your comments.

WTC was offering an option that one could pay for or not, and I found the righteous indignation of IM racers who think nothing of traveling across the country a year prior to enter a race interesting.

Your comparison to Apple products was also spot on.

SSB said...

I agree with you. My beef was how they handled rescinding the program. I love racing IMs and will race them until they get too expensive...for me that will be over $600 for the race (not including active fees...which is a whole other thing people bitch about). I think WTC could do a lot of things better (some websites suck, you can't find some race results, they don't have a searchable participant database anymore, and most recently their decision to not partner with Janus next year).

And as long as they have Kona and I live in Hawaii I will continue to race their races with the hope of racing Kona.