Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My kinda "Yoga"

Yoga. It's chasing me. It's taunting me. No for reals. Ever since my coach put it on our schedule a few weeks ago (again let me remind you this was suggested to help with Shane's breathing issues while swimming in open water). And even before that. I swear everyone I know is a little Yogini. Heck, even my last boss when I worked for a big corporate conglomerate was a yoga teacher. She was very.... zen.

We still haven't made it to a real class. We haven't said we WON'T, but truth be told neither of us are all that motivated. There was one day we were gonna go, under one condition; one of our friends who knows all about that yoga stuff go and hold our hands. That one person may or may not have ditched us, but wouldn't let me blame her for not going. I think her response was something like "you have two arms and two legs, it's not my fault." Touche'.

I still blame her for my yoga downfall. I had every intention in the world of going said day, but anyway.. I'm moving on. And I still love HER. :-) And she totally knows that all that is just an excuse to make myself feel better for not "man-ing" up and going.

Shane & I finally broke down and borrowed a DVD from another friend who also loves Yoga. Come to think of it, I think about 99.9% of my friends love it. There must be something wrong with THEM. Last week in Mexico we picked a day, put the DVD in and tried it. I swear to you I tried to keep an open mind about it, but I'd be lying if I said that I was pleasantly surprised. Now I know a DVD isn't the same as going to a real class. And from what I've heard a class is all about the instructor as well, much like a good spin class I assume.

What I can say is that I did that whole damn hour of YOGA. I tried everything there was, and I'm sure looked like an absolute fool doing it. I knew I was going to be sore after only 20mins when my hamstrings were screaming, and sure enough I was. I also laughed my way through the entire hour. I'm sure it was the cheesy guy telling me to breathe and focus and and and....


With all that said I do have to say that I'm not denying the benefits of Yoga. I know some girls who are crazy strong and crazy lean and I'm pretty sure a lot of it is due in part to Yoga. They love it, they feel better when they do it and the results are clear as day. And well, who doesn't love the Yoga clothes? Just saying.

So what do you think is STILL popping up everywhere? Little reminders that I didn't give it a fair shot. Random emails from the Village about yoga classes. Two days in a row little pamphlets were left on my doorstep offering free yoga classes. Although, to be fair Shane found said pamphlets so I think they were really for HIM.

I'm not saying I'm never gonna do it, and never gonna love it cause I have a rule about that "never" word, but for now.. let's just say that while some find their ZEN in Yoga, I find my ZEN in swimming. And, why do something that you don't enjoy just because?

Swimming is my Yoga, but I'll save that talk for next time (even though it was actually my intention to write about my love for swimming in this post).
P.S. That image above... that is like the only pose I could do, but I nailed it :-)

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Tri4aCause said...

Well.....I definitely do not want to be the reason for your yoga downfall. So you pick the day and class next time and I am there. I will even hold your hand ;-)
I found yoga when my mom was sick, and it was the only thing that got me through. I do it for many reasons now, but the one main reason is it creates balance that is so needed in my life.
Swimming also creates a wonderful meditative state. And that has been proven. As long as you stretch and find places of mental calm, you are doing yoga no matter what arena you are in.
Bravo to you for being honest and knowing who you are. And I love you whether you do yoga or not.