Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Valley of the flipping Furnace.

It really only takes a couple of hot as hell days to put my ever going ADD mind at ease. You know how you get on the tangents of things and everything under the sun sounds like a good idea?

Like when you are having a few good workouts and everything is coming together and you think OMG I could totally just do an Ironman or something this year. Never mind the fact that you swore of IM for a FULL year (or so) to get your slow ass back to moving a little faster instead of being passed in all your races..

Yah, I guess I kinda forgot that part. I've had a good couple weeks of training. Not anything in particular, I've just felt pretty good. That's all. And last weekend I felt so good one day I was riding up "Via Linda" hill, which used to kill me, but I felt so good that I just up and did it twice. All by myself. Go figure.

And then a couple days later, after everyone else decided not to join us for our Saturday ride, I felt inclined to help my buddy (a.K.a Daniellabella that tortures my body on Tuesdays & Thursdays with his strength training workouts) in his quest for Ironman Canada. Cause I just know that if I weren't out there giving him a time, place and route to ride, he'd be sleeping in. So - for no said reason I did his whole flipping ride with him. All hills, including ending our ride going up Via Linda.

And then less than 24hour later I was up to do my "long" run for the Ogden (half) Marathon. 12miles. Haven't done THAT in a while. And weird thing. My IT band never even twitched. Also haven't had THAT in a very.long.time.

So then a couple hours later, totally not fueled enough post training - the LaPan's and the Angelone's are sitting at bar a'la LaPan accidentally getting drunk.

I'm so not divulging what all was consumed on a that glorious Sunday afternoon, but I will tell you I will NEVER (hahaha) again make the mistake of boozing it up on an empty stomach. Because friends let me tell you - like above when I said "everything under the sun sounds like a good idea?" - like, have another, and another and another.....

The next day you remember why these things ARE NOT such great ideas. But, of course I survived, and after several gallons of water to undo the damage I was someone back to normal. And out on the road chasing Shane & the dogs around as they tried to kill me on my tempo run - at least I got to sweat some of it out.

And, thankfully - it's hot as flipping heck here in AZ, already and I have remembered WHY I decided NOT to do an Ironman this year. Especially training in the summer. Cause my short little hourish ride this am in 90degs told me why.

Hopefully over the course of the next few months I don't do anything crazy & just enjoy this freedom. No slave to a schedule, no 6hours on the saddle or 6000 yard swims. I'm having fun, trying not to die of heat & most of all looking forward to......


Yes, Shane & I finally & officially confirmed our summer trip back to my home in the Pacific Northwest. Although I grew up in Spokane, I spent every summer in Coeur d'Alene at the lake and consider it like home.

We're going to have visitors, and some impromptu fun races and cooler temps and green trees and a cold ass lake to do open water swims in and visits with old friends... and and ....

And with that note, I'm going to go hit the AC down a notch cause I'm hot again and this blog is going absolutely nowhere :-)

Oh wait - (and I'm sure supalinds will be getting a kick out of reading this - cause I know she's as ADD and hyper as me right now) some of my bestest girls EVA will be heading south to our Mexico house in just a couple of days to tan our white tummies, enjoy some adult beverages & well - just be girls! Swine flu can cass my (very white) arse.

I CAN'T wait!


Molly said...

Woohoo! Sounds like an excellent vacation ahead!!! Will you be there for IM?

jessithompson said...

Soak up the sun, girl... not to warm here in Spokane right now. :(

kt said...

Ooooo. All of that sounds absolutely wonderful. :)

Supalinds said...

And did you know...LOL! I love this cracked out post, you are totally on crack and you are hilarious! And you know what else, your tummy can't possibly be whiter than my LEGS!!

momo said...

and neither of your whiteness can top my belly!!

btw - those lemon drops were GOOOOOOD.

Benson said...

OK, what the heck am I doing in the north woods? My brain must still be frozen.
Use sunscreen and have one for ice please.