Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I think my body is trying to tell me something. Not in a little hint, passive aggressive way. In a big fat, I will make you HURT until you slow down way.

It's tired. And, no matter how much mind over matter I think I have, it's saying chill out - and I think it is going to win.

Which, I suppose in a very good, first time eva sorta way, that means I RACED. I left it all out there on the course in Utah. Of course I finished the race feeling like I can do better, I had a great race until mile 10, where my avg pace was held strong at a 7:50. But, with only 1x8, 1x10, & 1x12 - it's all I had to give & my pace slowed dropping the over all pace to a 7:59.

Not that I'm complaining. However, here I am stuck in a lull, trying to recover, yet at the same time not wanting to loose my fitness. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to loose a little bit of the fitness and speed to recovery properly.

The first few days post race I was just sore. Sore and tired. And HUNGRY. It almost felt like an ironman recovery for the first few days. Which, is actually hard to grasp when it was 13.1 miles. Not 70.3, or 140.6, or even 26.2. Less than 2 hours.

However, in the grand scheme of things it was a lot over a course of several months...almost a year in fact. My body has pulled through for me for a long time now, and I guess it's time to return the favor.

From a disappointing stomach problem that led to an "ok" Ironman CDA finish, to a revenge race at Soma where my lungs gave up on me & I had to pull out to an even BIGGER revenge of racing my first ever bike race in Nov, followed by a huge PR half marathon in Dec....

But, of course that wasn't enough for the dogmom. I raced more. 2 10ks, PRing both. A 5kpr. ANOTHER bike race where I held with the big boys for 40miles and avg'd 21mph over 72miles.

Then the Ogden Marathon.

I guess it's more than enough. I'm happy & proud and satisfied. For now that is :-)

This morning was a rough, rough run. I woke up with a sore knee (my good, fixed up one) then shuffled through a 40min run with Shane & the dogs. Even my arms felt like they weighed 110each. My body pulled through for me on Saturday with a fantastic bike ride, but I'm pretty sure it's had enough. It's time to take it easy - cut back on the mileage and let it recover.

I've got some fun stuffed planned this summer in the Pacific Northwest and I want to be healthy and happy and enjoy it... So - I'll pull back my running and cycling miles & maybe drop a lane at masters to take it easy.

Respect the distance, respect the body, and I'm learning to respect the recovery just the same.


Nytro said...

it's possible your body is saying: "why is whats-her-face putting us through this hell? we'd rather be fat like nytro."

true story.

SWTrigal said...

Wow-all those PRs!! Time to rest-I think you deserve it!