Friday, May 2, 2008

a little "off" time

Well, this week came and went. Literally. It wasn't great, that is for sure. My body was on strike. Every workout hurt. Most of them I struggled with. It was a very weird feeling actually. My muscles felt totally fine, but when I would actually try to use them, they would protest.

It doesn't worry me for the race, but it does remind me how important it is to listen and take care of your body. This week has been crazy busy with work, and trying to fit everything in and I just didn't eat properly (enough) or stay hydrated. I was also due for an ART treatment, which I didn't have time for, and thus at the end of my speed run on Wednesday, the IT band started hurting...

SO, my week 13 is going to be about half of the distance of last week. We had a condensed schedule due to the 10K we added so thankfully it switched things up a bit and we lost our long bike ride and long run (whoot!). Tuesday we were supposed to do a 3:30 easy bike ride.. but Shane & I Struggled through 2hours... barely, and decided that it just wasn't worth it to continue riding like that. I've always said that if a workout is not doing anything for you, well then, it isn't worth it. Our avg HRs were 126 (both of us), which for me is about 15 beats BELOW my zone 2. Even on hills where I'm usually hovering my threshold I was in the low 140s.

I did however get my key workouts in. My long swim 4400yards, speed run, speed bike, and a couple other... today we are driving down to Rocky Point, and hopefully my leg hold up for the 10k tomorrow. Racing in Mexico is always interesting :-)

Here are April's totals:

Run 100.6 miles (16.25 miles) funny to me that some people do that mileage in a week!
Bike 616.4 miles (34.44 hrs) NO wonder my BUTT hurts!
Swim 37,790 yards 12:36 doesn't look so crazy if you convert to miles ~21 miles
Strength training ~ 5hrs

I'm very much looking forward to these days off.... to relax and not think about the training.

So, cheers to you all and I'm sure I'll have lots to report after the long weekend :-)


SWTrigal said...

Woaa..those are some hefty numbers-you did good. Good luck at Rocky Point!!

Erin said...

So. Very. Jealous.

But great work on the training. Impressive numbers for sure!

Paul said...

You and Momo are killing it!! I wish I had swim totals somewhere near yours. I'm not even half way there!!
Great work.

Judi said...

Can you do me a favor and email me a half IM training schedule?

Nice job on your numbers!!

momo said...

i wish i were living it up with you guys down in rocky point. have a shot for me! or two!! :-)

Molly said...

WOW...great numbers!
have fun on your trip!
Take Care!

brendaj said...

Have a great trip, both racing and relaxing!!

Supalinds said...

Great April numbers!! Don't ya hate those weeks when everything is just a little harder??

Supalinds said...

I was just laughing at the "no wonder my butt hurts".

I don't think my crotch will ever be the same. Just thought you should know that. And this was the first thing I thought of this morning, and you popped into my head directly after the word crotch, don't know what that means :)