Friday, August 10, 2007

It's all in the cake....

Yesterday, while I was sitting in my exciting class of Real Estate, I started CRAVING sugar.

And, sure... I could have gone down to vending machine, but I kinda vowed off those when I left corporate America. Not that I was ever a big vending machine groupie, if you will, but none the less I could see how people were addicted to them...

Then I started thinking of ideas for dinner. I wasn't in the mood to cook. Or make something elaborate anyway, so I just kept going back to the sugar.... And then, wah lah.. it popped in my head. Safeway's Chocolate Cake. It's rich and light and fluffy all at the same time.. I HEART IT!

Since we have no groceries anyway, I needed to stop at the store so guess what the first thing I put in my cart was. Yep. Chocolate cake by the slice. Then I picked up some french bread, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms & pizza sauce. Wah-Lah. Pizza boats & chocolate cake.

A CARB-O-LICIOUS delight. And that's what it was. Paired with a glass of red wine, I was one happy camper. I don't think Shane was too upset either. You know, since he's been training so much lately, he needed the carbs as well. Recovery needs fuel, right?

Today was "just" a 10 mile run. Since I'm doing the AFC Half next weekend, I decided I shouldn't stick to my marathon plan this week & next, and lighten it up a bit.

I decided on 2 different 5 mile loops. The first one I would take the dogs, then drop them off, refill my water & head out. The sun was still behind the mountains for the first loop, so it wasn't too hot. Compared to last week, it was "nice" Nice being relative to 90deg starts with 80% humidity from last week.

The first loop was good. Pretty flat for the most part. Abby did good, I made sure to give her lots of water. We're still waiting on her medicine to be delivered, but after a couple of weeks on that she should be back to her self.

When we got home I put their leashes away, took a gel & started to refill my bottles. Baxter got all excited & started jumping up and down. AND SMILING. Yes, my dogs smile. I grabbed their treats and headed back to put them in their room, and Baxter didn't move. He stood in front of the drawer where I put their leashes in waiting, or expecting rather, round 2.

He hasn't done 10 miles in a while. He's surely capable of it, but.... I wasn't sure. Then I looked at him. There was NO way he was letting me say no. So, I put the other 2 dogs away & grabbed his leash.

We headed out for one of my favorite 5 mile routes. It heads up North a little and adds a little hill. It's a half mile up maybe 50-75feet. Not too bad, but a nice hill. He was panting pretty hard between miles 7-8, but then sure enough when we hit the hill he was ready to power up it. He LOVES hills.

He was smiling the whole way. I was talking to him off and on. Hopefully not too many people heard me :-) It was a great 10 mile BUBBA day. We both felt GREAT, and princess Abigail got her own little mini Bubba Day as well.

And, I finally broke a 10min overall pace on a long run. First time in oh... I don't know, FOREVER (like my earlier post of the shorter sub 10min pace, I've been VERY slow for a while). It was a 9:50 (yes, barely) 153bpm hr avg.

It MUST have been the chocolate cake.


Spokane Al said...

I was wondering when the chocolate cake story would morph into a dog story - and I did not need to wait very long.

I always enjoy your dog stories.

Chocolate cake isn't bad either!

Bigun said...

when you find something that works, don't change it - Chocolate Cake and wine every night!!!

ironshane said...

Looks like I know what our new pre-race meal will be...

K's #1 FAN said...

bubba is so cute it KILLS me!!

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

chocolate cake with chocolate dipped strawberries on top...ohhhh

Benson said...

You had me at CHOCOLATE!

Pizza boats, chocolate cake and wine...sorry, I'm drooling all over myself.
Will you be my personal chef?