Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a new year

2012. Really? I feel like it was just the beginning of 2011 and I was doing an early season prep for Oceanside, lots of bike time for The Answer to the challenge as well as working with a new coach to get me to IMCDA! It was a fun, crazy, challenging and very rewarding year. Definitely one I will look back on for a while. I worked harder, stronger and differently than before and had some pretty fun personal bests. I look forward to having lots more of that for 2012 and can't wait to finalize my schedule for the year! I do have some exciting things going on, including a fundraiser for Ironman Canada that I'm working on. I'll have a lot more details to come as soon as it's "official."

At the end of December Michelle asked for some feedback on our first year together. Feedback on my goals and my training as well as her coaching. This is the most closely I've ever worked with someone before, so it was actually a bit more difficult for me to come up with. Taking a look at what I did for the year I had to really think about what did and didn't work for me. All in all the year was such a positive experience, yet I also had some performances that I just wasn't happy with as well. Results that didn't really show off all the hard work I had done (IMCDA)…

For 2012 I've got some things to work on, some little goals, some exciting training and events and races. It's gonna be GOOD!

  • First and foremost my number one goal and NEED is to get my lazy a@@ down to the bike shop and start the saddle trying process. I haven't ridden my new TT bike since Soma because it caused me so much pain that I can't fathom sitting on it again. I know what I'm looking for, and what I'm pretty sure will work, I just need to quit procrastinating and DO something about it.
  • On the subject of the bike - This is one of my big goals for the year. No lazy bike training. No 120bpm HR. No drafting unless it's to stay on the wheel of someone kicking my ass. I know I tend to sandbag sometimes on the bike. Maybe not so much when climbing, but def on flats. It's hard when I train with people who have similar bike skills because if I go out in front my HR spikes pulling, but if I pull back behind it drops WAY WAY too low. The good news on this front is I'll be training with some pretty fast peeps, and stronger cyclists than myself so I totally think this will push me. I need my bike fitness to be STRONG so that I can have a kick ass run.
  • Continue my strength training. I've been doing Kinesis once a week for about 6 weeks now. It's a good solid hour of work with a trainer. I get sore as all get out, and I know it's so good for me. On the second day of the week I need to make sure I CONTINUE to either do TRX or another Kinesis. Somehow my strength work always tends to go once the big miles start.
  • Answer to the challenge. I felt fantastic last year doing this event so if we happen to make it back again (tbd based on Shane injury), I want to kick ass all over again.
  • Vineman/Barb's race. I'm signed up for the all women version of Vineman called Barb's race. It's not until the end of July, but I'm stoked. I can't wait to do this course, and I've got a super secret goal for it :)
  • IMCA is the big show this year. I know the course, it's my PR and after positive splitting the run in 10' by over 30mins, I know what needs to, and CAN be done! #excited
  • COACH camp! This might be one of the most exciting things going on. Michelle is heading to AZ to do Hillary Biscay's crazy smashfest camp, then heading back to my house for the week and leading a small training camp the following weekend. While I feel like I know her from our past year of working together, we've never trained together. I'm super stoked to have her watch me swim!!! I've been at a standstill with my swimming for a couple of years, and I'd LOVE some feedback on small things I can tweak with my stroke. To me I'm not convinced it's worth it to spend the time I would need to get to that next level (sub 1hr swim), but I wonder with some adjustments could I get closer to the 1hr time than my PR of 1:04?
  • One final goal/change I'm planning on making is what most people would call a "resolution." However, I don't believe in those so I never make them. Last year since Shane was out with injury and surgery it was definitely different training without him. I was the one getting up at 4:30am for workouts and needing to eat constantly and bed early, while he was recovering and drinking beer. I 100% played along with him WAY too much and consumed way too many martinis and red wine and beer. MUST BACK OFF this year. I know my stomach will thank me and my training and recovery will be so much better off. In no way am I saying I am giving up the bottle (I'm not that #batshitcrazy)..but moderation is going to be a little bit more in tune with reality!
I know it's going to be a fun, crazy & exciting year and I'm going to be much better about documenting the adventures here!

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

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Molly said...

Loved the new years card! Bring on 2012!!!!