Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birthday Week!

So what happens when your husband's bday & your girlfriend turning 40 happen right next to each other? Trouble, that's what. All innocent (mostly) and fun of course… but certainly not conducive with half Ironman training.

Tuesday's festivities started out celebrating Karen's bday with an all girls night - cooking/dinner class mixed in. The event was in LA (or it seemed like it was that far after a couple of bottles of champagne, full bellies and wine mixed in there) so we had a DD for the way out there and one of the girls daughter's pick us up! It was a super fun night and we learned a few cooking tricks! Every tried Grilled Romaine for salad? Do it, it's THAT good.

So, after the innocent dinner we should have been home and in bed by about 10:30, but someone (not sure who this was???) had the brilliant idea that the celebrations couldn't end THAT early. You only turn 40 once (thank GOD) after all.. So, somehow we got dropped off at a neighborhood bar.

What happened at that bar will remain on said iPhone's that took pictures. Nuf' said :-) Now, while the evening was super fun, what wasn't fun was trying to bust out my 3k swim I had on my plan. Swim = EPIC FAIL. I was way sleep deprived and booze overloaded. Clearly I did not train for this birthday event. So, I made it a whole 500/3000 and had to fess up in training peaks "I was too hung over to do this swim."

Coache's response "Payback is bitch, huh?"


Birthday number 2 was the following day, and thanking my lucky stars, Shane was pooped out from work travel so I was off the hook for any additional celebrations. I made him his favorite Lasagna dinner & gave him a new Garmin!

Up and on the bike early in the morning for my long brick workout of the week, and after a little over 4hrs of sweat I had officially (almost) cleansed my body of Tuesdays debauchery. Awesome, ready to pack up and head south of the border!

The first night was just Shane & I so we were (fairly) good & in bed pretty early. It was still incredibly hot and very muggy and with a long run on tap in the morning we knew we needed to feel good. After another 1:40 of SERIOUS sweat I was ready for some more fun!

Ya'll know what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico, but I'll leave a few fun pictures! To sum it up we ran, we laughed, we played on the beach, we ate, we slept, we "swam," we had lots of yummy seafood and most of all we had a BLAST.

Trying to keep the Mexico economy alive… and believe it or not we were 100% SOBER when these purchases were made.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a SERIOUS sunglass obsession - here's my latest. Kanye West, AKA Shane, and my new favorite RED Aviators!

I'm almost 100% confident Matt's bumble bee sunnys will make a great Halloween Costume :-)
And lastly, we ended the weekend with Shane's famous Shrimp fest! YUM (I think) :-)

Happy Birthday to both… it sure was fun! And yes… As my coach said - payback is a bitch :-)

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