Friday, August 5, 2011

"You should work harder in training so you'll be faster"

Those are the magic words of encouragement I got from BSC after sending her a video of my swimming. She requested both Shane & I get her some swim videos so she could see what we look like (aka, how she can fix us and make us faster).

I did a very detailed video analysis with one of our local swim experts, Ann Wilson of Camelback Coaching but it was several years ago - 07 I think. I had a few things I had to work on, but I think I've mostly corrected those (my hand entry was crossing over my head, my head position was looking too much forward vs down & my elbows were not high on my pull). I spent a lot of time doing 1 arm swim drills to help (try) to build a more powerful pull, however I tend to feel myself loosing my glide halfway into my swims and I could FEEL it's all in my pull but I wasn't sure how to correct it.

I've got my tips on how to work on pulling so I "catch" more water. I think I know what she means… Sure would be nice to have her come to AZ for a training camp now that she has several local athletes, not to mention all her old drinking training buddies that still live here. Just sayin' - of course I wouldn't suggest that until AFTER hot, hell, sunny all the time, want to die outside season ends. Like, after Kona. THAT would be perfect. Or Spring. That too would be perfect.

Sometimes I have the BEST ideas. My dogs could even watch her mini-me. Ok, maybe not all my ideas are that great, but some are.

So, here are a couple of the videos I sent. I couldn't stop laughing at how differently Shane I swim. Complete opposites. He was long/slow strokes and his arms came way out of the water like a windmill. I, on the other hand, no matter how much distance per stroke work I did for years in masters still have that faster turnover. What I DIDN'T realize was that my elbows aren't really high like I thought they were. Coach didn't critique that, so hopefully it's ok!

I'd love anyone's feedback! Good and bad :-) The final thought from BSC was, "Overall though I am encouraged. You guys don't suck at swimming ;-)."

And, the infamous words of "You should work harder in training so you'll be faster" are in my head now every time I'm told to go FAST and hit a certain interval. Not sure how to go any harder, but heck…. She sure can swim and her training partner, athlete Nalani was the first female age grouper out of the water at CDA so she certainly knows a thing or two.

With any luck I can get my Canada swim time back for Ironman AZ next year and go sub 1:05.

Did I just openly admit that?



mtanner said...

yes you did-

Carrie said...

What stood out to me: your hand is entering the water too soon- extend your reach and then you'll get a stronger underwater pull.

As a pool swimmer my whole life, I really fought against the Total Immersion techniques (LIHOM made me try it in 2001), but in open water, Total Immersion feels a lot more effortless.