Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun size

Fun size. That's what my training buddy calls me. This coming from the gal who's 5'10" can race in outfits like swimsuits and 1 piece suits and pull it off just like this gal can.

Sure short is good sometimes. I never had a problem being taller than any boys :-). I can fit in small places. I can wear 4" heals and still be shorter than my husband. Ugh, I don't really have to duck under trees when riding my bike like most people. Ok, that's about it.

I was so looking forward to posting about my beautiful new Argon 18 e112. I even just worked a deal to buy my girlfriends race wheels. My training has restarted and I'm back to working my butt off. However, the bike hours are building and I'm really really missing my aerobars. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my road bike, but there's nothing better than hammering along tucked down in aero and just RIDING.

Let me digress. About a month ago I came into an opportunity to buy a friend's used Argon e114. I thought about it a lot, then headed into my lbs to see if the size would work for me, and found out they were offering a smoking deal to a local tri club on a brand NEW argon e112. I had their fit guy look at some measurements and see if the xs size (smallest they make) would work. Since I love love love my Argon road bike, I was hoping the same love could transfer over to a TT bike. The fit guy gave me a call after looking at my measurements & said the top tube was too long, but just to be sure bring in my TT bike (this was before I put it up for sale) and he would take some measurements.

He took a couple quick measurements and based on the top tube+stem+current bar set up determined that the xs Argon frame would work! I would need to order some different aerobars that could be adjusted and pulled back (vs standard all together bar/wing setup) and use a shorter stem. The difference in doing that would make up for the longer top tube.

REALLY? So, I can get it? Like, it's gonna fit me you aren't just telling me what I want to hear?


Sweet. Within one week my new bike frame was ordered, my old TT bike sold and my 650c race wheels were sold within in a couple hours of posting them.

Buh-by training wheels, hello big kid bike!

Deep down I've still had this worry that it wasn't going to work out. My plan was to ask around and find out the best bike fit guy in the area and make sure I got set up perfectly! With my bike almost built up and the last step of getting the new bars in I made the call to a much raved about fit guru.

And that's where the fun stopped, Within 10mins of talking to him my heart was sinking and I was pretty sure he was telling me no bueno. No bueno on the bike. He didn't 100% confirm this, but after looking at the geometry and talking about my shape, height, etc…. he was definitely implying that.

So, the Argon e112 is on hold. I have an appt with the guru on Wed with my road bike. His plan is incredibly thorough, but he's already told me step one is I have to get new/shorter cranks for both bikes. I'm riding 170mm, need 165. Looks like I'll have some SRAM red cranks up on Ebay here soon.

Appt #1 will consist of about 2-3hours figuring out what I need to switch out, making tweaks, working with my pedal stroke. I'm going to find out how in/e - fficient I pedal and what my potential is. Once he's figured out the geometry he will work with me on my TT bike options.

I'm excited, scared, pissed and a little anxious since I have 2 races coming up. One is 5 weeks, 1 in 10. Sure would be nice if I had bike to actually ride by then…

Fun size = NOT SO FUN.


Molly said...

I hear you on fun size equalling bike fit issues and I'm more mini-fun size as you tower over me! But when you get it just right, it will be amazing!!! :)

Michelle Simmons said...

Good on ya though for getting the right fit. That really is the most important thing. My Retul guy here does measurements like that and then recommends different brands of bikes that will work based on your specific body type. pretty cool! You'll find a great bike... be patient! :)