Monday, April 25, 2011

La-Maniac is LaTrashed.

I'm embracing my new nickname, La-Maniac. M & T, IMCDA training buddies have dubbed me this. They know my crazy coach, in fact T used to train with her years ago in Scottsdale before Michelle moved away and T retired for the second, or 3rd time.

I'm not sure when they came up with this name of mine, but I'm sure it was somewhere between my constant texts all week long asking them to swim with me, and ensuring they would be in attendance for "Century-Saturday" that I announced on Facebook trying to beg for company for my weekend adventures.

So, what does one do when give such name? EMBRACE the hell out of it. That's what I did. I maybe slightly over-did it by topping off my 19hr training week with a night out on Saturday, and yes I paid for it. But, trying to live by my own words I of course had to do it ALL.

About 2 months ago I bought Shane & I tickets to go see Mumford and Sons. I am a new fan of the band and I absolutely LOVE them. Little did I know that the concert would fall on the evening after my first century of the season, not to mention at the almost tail end of an epic training week. A week that by Saturday night had my training totals at:

bike: 125+ miles run: 40+ miles swim: 9000+yards. The cherry on top was I still had a 3hr ride to do on Sunday.

So what does one do after a kick ass 106mile ride/2.5mile brick? Well, I think any SANE person would bake their legs in some compression tights, eat a healthy meal and put their ass in bed early.

But, as mentioned above, my new alter ego was in rare form. Just a couple hours after ending my epic day (which by the way was a KICK ass ride where all of us felt strong and rode well!) I was showered and prettied and down in Tempe meeting some friends for dinner before the concert. A few too many cocktails later we were at the venue standing on our feet for another 3hours watching the show.

My only saving grace was that I did eat half of the appetizer (for 4) by myself. My entire plate of ahi tuna entree and the additional side of "any carb/potato you can bring me" (yes I actually said that).

Note to self: Never again wear 4inch wedges to an outdoor concert after 6.5hrs of exercise where you will be standing the rest of the night.

The concert was AMAZING. Such a great performance, and while I did have a fantastic time I hit my limit at 10:05 as we were walking back to the car. This turned into an emergency stop at the McDonalds drive through at 10:30pm where I scarfed down a large french fries before getting home. Salt can only help, right?

I slept like crap all night (probably too much beer) and when the alarm went off at 6 I thought I was going to die. My body was so trashed and my feet were in so much pain from those damn cute shoes that I had no idea how I would survive my 3hr ride. I'm not sure if it was a good, or bad thing, but I had made plans to meet a couple of girlfriends for the ride. In Fountain Hills. Which means only one thing. HILLS and more hills followed by 9mile hill.

It was about 9 miles I had to do of pretty much all up hill until descending down into Fountain Hills to meet the girls. I had so many thoughts go through my head. ALL negative.

I can't do this. Maybe if my HR is only like 110 I can tell my coach that it wasn't worth it, I was too trashed. Shit, nope it's 140 that won't work. What if I throw up? I could cry right now I'm so ever-loving tired. My feet feel like I walked on fire. How much e21 can I take in the next 2 hours. OH MY GOD the girls aren't here. Maybe they left without me cause I'm LATE cause I was so slow riding here. SHIT, there they are. Now I HAVE to do this damn ride. Ugh.

Of course, as soon as I had company to take my mind off my burning feet, congested lungs from all the wind and smoke in the air and no sleep I was just find. I even managed to pull all of us up 9mile hill into a nasty headwind.

The ride wasn't my best, but it was saddle time in the bank and after 3hrs I was finally finished with my epic training week. I was still alive. I didn't throw up or cry (albeit very close to both) and even made it to a Sunday brunch all showered and easter-egg looking by 12:30.

Home by 3 on the couch watching movies with my compression tights where they should have been the day before I was DONE. TOAST. La-Trashed. Bed by 8 was just what I needed.

I feel a little better today, but I'm still exhausted. Over-tired. I've got a massage scheduled for Wed am so hoping that gets me all rested and revived and ready for this weekends adventures…

La-Maniac is going to be in rare form come June 26th.


greyhound said...

Mumford and Sons? Sheesh. My concert tics for this weekend are way tame by comparison -- Houston Symphony. And I am doubtful that I'll make it out.

The Mrs. may be none to pleased if I fail.

Molly said...

I hope you enjoyed the show!!! They were so awesome in concert up here, I hope they come back soon.

Michelle Simmons said...

Lol. I did not know you were going to a concert between rides this past weekend. Nice. ;) And yes, if your HR was 140 then you were fine! I would not let you get out of a ride if your HR was still 140. Now if it was 110 then, yes. Skip it. ;)