Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ironman training chronicles

It's that time of year again. Training is in full force. Kick my ass full force. I'm surprised daily at what I'm able to endure, and even more surprised daily when I open up training peaks and see what my coach thinks I can endure… Here are some of my latest observations!

  • First and foremost the Ironman tapeworm has found it's way back into my belly. I'm hungry. A lot. Even when I think I'm not hungry, I'll eat cause I need to refuel, and then after I eat… I'm hungry. How is this possible?
  • For instance today this is what I have consumed thus far; peanut butter toast, 1power gel, plain toast with 3 egg whites, mushrooms, tomato & feta scramble, a piece of lasagna leftover from dinner the other night, 2 fruit leather strips, 2 dove dark chocolates - dipped in peanut butter of course, an apple, some cottage cheese and strawberries.
  • It's only 4pm…..
  • Oh, and did I mention I only did an 80min bike ride today? I'm hoping this is hunger leftover from Mt. Lemmon/2:40 run & 3000meter swim?
  • Speaking of swim I had the pleasure of swimming with ER yesterday. She mentioned on Facebook she was in town so I took the opportunity to ask/beg her to come keep me company. We'd never talked about swim pace before, but honestly I didn't care if she lapped me or I lapped her, I needed some serious motivation so I wanted any company I could get!
  • Turns out she's a GREAT swimmer. I forgot how much I missing swimming with people that PUSH me. I don't go to a masters swim because I do my run or bike workouts in the am. I used to do a noon masters swim, but the people that used to push me there, kinda stopped showing up. Don't get me wrong… I'm not a total sandbagger…but when I looked at my 100 splits and realized that my "steady" 100s were just a few seconds slower than what I've been doing on my "fast" 100s lately… and then my fast 100s were 2-3 seconds faster than I ever hit in this particular pool…. Yah, apparently I just need someone to swim next to me, then in front of me so I can chase.
  • Did I mention I did an 18+mile run earlier that am? And STILL had some great splits (for me)? yah… something is up. I need me a rabbit to chase in the pool. Or fish, if you will.
  • Back to Facebook. I know it's cheesy and immature and a completely self indulgent waste of time…BUT I don't care. I work from home, by myself and it keeps me entertained. It's like people.com for the everyday person. And, give me any trashy magazine & I will keep myself entertained for hours on end with the gossip… so, I suppose Facebook does the same exact thing.
  • Not to mention it's like a free advertisement for your every desire. Need a swimming partner, cry out for help, see who responds = a FANTASTIC swim workout when you started with a 50/50% chance of making it to the pool in the first place.
  • I currently have a "want ad" out looking for company on my weekend riding. 100miles on Saturday, 3hrs on Sunday. WHO'S IN?
  • The more I train, the more I want stuff. I will go through stages of how I NEED all sorts of things like this and this and this and most of all THIS.
  • A girl can dream, right?
  • I'm getting old. Or, triathlon is making me LOOK old. I've recently succumbed to buying outrageously overpriced skin care products, particularly sun screen. I used to throw whatever on my skin, even my face. Banana boat, sure. Then, I started noticing all these THINGS. Lines, not so freckly looking freckles/sun spots… ugh. My tan lines are no longer cool. I remember when I started swimming with momo several years ago she was always freaking out about her skin. I thought she was nuts. She has great olive colored-youthful skin. She was always buying these crazy ass products and putting stuff on that made all the sun stuff peel off. I was all, whatever - tan is COOL.
  • Did I mention she's a few years old than me… and apparently wiser. I am now at that stage where I think that my face is going to fall off and I will pay with my left arm for the tiniest bottle of sunscreen for my face.
  • Lest you think I'm going to look OLD from this damn sport.
  • I still love sitting at the beach. I might be one of those people under the umbrella that I've always made fun of tho very very soon…
  • Shit, I am old
  • Coke. I've drank, drunk.. oh whatever I never claimed to be an English major, clearly. My point is I can't seem to get enough coke. I really only drink water & ice tea, an occasional coke here and there, but I honestly think I've had more coke (fully leaded, I don't do diet) in the past 2 weeks of training then the past year all together. It's saved my a@@ on a couple of long training rides and it was what got me back home on a miserable long run a couple of weeks ago. I can't figure out why I'm craving it so much more than ever before? I'm usually all sugared out after all the crap I have to consume during training that all I want is SALT. Hmm.
  • I think my wonderful little magic pills are doing wonders for my salt addiction. I heart e21!
And that my friends is how the mind of a crazy ironman in training rolls :-)


Molly said...

This post just completely cracks me up! I'm so jealous of the heavy training - can't wait to get to IM training and *really* get to eat everything in sight.

I hear you on the sunscreen bit - I found a few new sunspots after that trip to AZ :(

momo said...

you're lucky you're starting earlier. :) i didn't worry bout my face till i was in my LATE 30's. and you are NOT old. big j is old. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I was thrilled to swim with you, I didn't care about pace, shit I didn't even care if we stood at the wall talking for an hour and I am sure I could have!!

Secondly, my tanning comment and desire was completely out of left field for me. I am scared to death of looking like a piece of leather in 5-10 years. My skin was covered in waterproof 50spf for body and 75spf for my face while we were swimming. The burn on my back from last weekend was a brutal reminder that there are more parts on my body than just my face that are in need of sunscreen!

Keep up the great work Krista!! :))

Collins Family said...

I miss the days of training like that! They will be back but not for a while. :( I just started worrying about the sun stuff too!! What products are you using now?