Sunday, March 27, 2011

e21 team weekend!

This weekend one of my e21 teammates Molly & I met for a few matchy matchy fun workouts:-)

Thankfully, the too big suit mentioned in the last post photographed ok and I wasn't flashing anyone :-) There were however, no pictures of me pushing off the wall as the not so filled out top part fills with water. I'm working on getting a smaller suit, I just might be squeezing into the bottom half. I guess this brand is a little more appropriate for women that are a little more "blessed" shall we say??

I want an underwater camera now. So fun. And maybe, I could learn to pose a little better. Next time I'm doing a handstand :-) And, I need a matching cap for sure. Maybe some goggles that aren't squeezing the life out of my eye sockets? Thank god for eye cream.

Saturday Molly & her husband planned a ride in Fountain hills. They were going to park at some city park then make their way up Shea. After hearing this, and also after their not so bike friendly route from a few day earlier I immediately offered to lead them on a very bike friendly route to avoid most of the crazy Shea traffic. And, of course I'm always open for some company on my rides! Plus, matchy match again - fun times! Seriously tho. Who ever thought I would love a kit with PINK? We are definitely Rainbow Bright-esque, but we certainly won't be missed out there will we?

Molly is wearing the bike shorts, and "I'm modeling" the tri-shorts. I actually like the look of the bike short a little bit more, more color and a little more pattern to it (not to mention the butt says "train hard, recover faster." I think that saying just about sums up my experience with e21 FO SURE. However, I am never comfortable wearing the thicker padding of bike shorts on my TT bike so the bike shorts will be saved for my road bike adventures! Either way the kits fit great and are super comfy. Cute + Bright + Comfy totally = fast, right? :-)

I think I need to hang out with Molly for often. She makes me feel like a grown up. Like, I don't even need to wear my 4 inch heels to feel like a big kid. Shane looked at this picture and was like, "wait, is that you? the BIG one?" Before I slapped him for the "big" comment I realized what he meant. Usually I'm the "little one." It's funny to see me looking so tall, even on my mini-me bike with 650 wheels :-)
I lead Molly & her husband out into Rio verde before it was time for me to head back to the hills and get some of my HR intervals done. I have to admit as amazing as I felt that day I really struggled to get my HR up. Am I rested? Ready to race? Not sure… but I sure did enjoy every minute of being outside on this gorgeous spring weekend. And, anyone who says that the desert is ugly - just look at this. This is what we get to look at for hours on end in the saddle. Not so bad, eh?

It was great hanging out with you this weekend Molly and looking forward to your next trip up here in May! I'm still debating cheering or racing :-)


Molly said...

You are so funny!!!! Yes, I look 12, that's how old my husband thought I was when I met him.

It was so much fun to hang out with you guys!!! For May, no matter what I think we should plan on some post-race drinking.

sallyaston said...

Looks like a great weekend! Love the team uniform, I love bright colors! Have a great taper week and good luck in Oceanside! We used to live there, and Camp Pendleton is where I watched my first triathlon :-)

Ginger Spansel said...

You two look so cute!! My suit is way too big up top too. And my cycling jersey is huge. :(

I've ridden in the cycling shorts and they are super comfy!!!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Oh so fun! I was jealous of your riding and swimming in the sun but am headed your way. Jen Harrison tri camp in Tucson. How are the doggies getting along??

Yes, CDA is still the A race this year. Still not too excited about the race, but will hopefully get to meet many awesome blogger friends.