Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 1

It's Sunday and 9am and I'm still sitting drinking my caffeine in my pajamas and not thinking about my training for the day. Cause, it's a rest day. A well deserved rest day.

I have to give props to mama-son for somehow giving me just what I could manage in her first week as my coach. My training schedule started 2 days after asking her to be my coach and the day after my 5mile run race I had a run test and a swim test. Not just any swim test, a swim test with 2800 yards total for the day. I'm thinking that she misread my training log that showed I clearly haven't been swimming that far since Ironman in AUGUST, not to mention I've only been swimming about 2 days a week….

Or she just didn't care.

So the run test I guess gave her some HR data and run splits that were pretty consistent with what she thought they would be, and the swim test gave her a "T-pace" which is faster than I seem to be able to hold at the moment, but I'm TRYING.

I think her goal is to build my aerobic engine a bit more right now cause I wasn't allowed to go to track or the weekly group hill run and yesterday on my long ride my HR had to stay below 150, which let me tell you is a bit difficult when you are climbing up to the Bartlett Lake turnoff into a headwind and chatting it up with this super fun girl and e21 teammate all while stuffing my face with a snickers bar.

Thankfully I didn't get myself too much out of shape post Ironman so at least I'm not crazy slow and out of shape, (minus the swim). I did every workout for the week and somehow pulled 10,000yards of swimming out of my behind for the week.

My food intake has surpassed my husbands and I may need a second job to pay for all the extra groceries I'm consuming, but at least the lemons in the front yard are free :-)

And, speaking of lemons you are darned right that after 15hrs of training for the week; ~135miles on the bike, ~28miles running and 10,000yards swimming I ended the week week with a couple of my husbands yummy lemon drop martini drinks…

and a side of girl scout cookies.

And that my friends was my welcome back to Ironman training, Mama-son style :-)


Molly said...

Perfect - sounds like you are well on your way for IM training and getting your butt kicked :-)

Michelle Simmons said...

Put together ~17 more weeks like that and can you even imagine how well that Ironman will go??? ;)