Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rocky Point girls weekend plus 1 :-)

Tres Amigas!

amanda…you were missed!

You know the saying what happens in Vegas Mexico stays in Mexico? True, except pictures do tell a story and when we happened to have wifi at the house and bloody marys tend to be the recovery drink (post run of course) of choice…..

Well, Facebook picture postingseems to takeover…..
The weekend flew by with a couple of girlfriends down to partake in the debauchery and accompany me on my runs. There is definitely something to be said for your coach actually looking at the training log that makes you actually do all those scheduled runs, even after said debauchery..

Thanks girls for such a GREAT weekend. Mexico sunglasses never looked so good :-)


Michelle Simmons said...

OK that looks like a BLAST! (And a LOT of alcohol. Oh my I don't know how you do it??) ;)

blw627 said...

So fun : ) Can't wait to see you, I'm coming to AZ in April.

Anonymous said...

Oh man am I ever jealous!!! Looks like fun!