Monday, November 29, 2010

Introducing Juliette, welcome home little girl.

Our home is no longer to quiet. Baxter no longer has an excuse to be naughty and/or counter surf. Our hearts are full and and I feel like giving this incredibly sweet girl a new and permanent home was the best Christmas gift I could possibly ask for.

Do you ever just feel like some things are meant to be? As soon as we saw Juliette's picture on the web site, and read a little bit about her we just knew she needed to be here with us. It didn't take long to convince the rescue people that we were good and would be a great family for her. A few days, a lotta miles and a couple sleepovers later and we were meeting Juliette after her long journey from Boise, Id to bring her home.

At first she was a little confused leaving the guys that drove her from Salt Lake City (they spent a LONG 14 hours in the car together through crazy road conditions and construction detours to get to Phoenix), but a 45min car ride sitting next to her new BIG brother seemed to help with her nerves.

We gave her a tour of the house, her new bed and some food in her new dog bowl. Baxter showed her the doggy door and the treat cupboard and she was soon getting the hang of how things worked here in this doggy jackpot.

It was close to midnight and WAY past the LaPan bedtime so we tucked Juliette into her new dog bed on the floor next to Shane. Baxter immediately jumped up onto "our" bed, resting his head on his pillow at our feet. Juliette took one look at the other red dog on the BIG bed and hopped right up. She draped herself across me and slept that way until the alarm went off this am.

I was SHOCKED Baxter let her get away with this as he immediately let her know that I was his by not letting her into my office this am (he was just proving a point and all is good now, although she is taking up camp in Shane's office/dog room while he is working from home today and Baxter is sitting with me in my office).

Trying to keep to our normal routine and make sure Baxter felt secure, we went along with our normal Monday scheduled long run (aka Bubba day) with a few little tweaks. Shane took Baxter for his 5mile run and I stayed with Juliette. Shane dropped Baxter off and grabbed Juliette to see how she would do running. She made it about 2/3 mile keeping our normal pace around 8:30s, then started to fade so Shane walked her home then I headed out for a quiet and kinda lonely 9mile run.

When I got home the 3 seemed to be settled in quite nicely - Juliette has found all of Miss Abby's toys pretty entertaining. She is one of the TINIEST Vizsla's I've ever seen, but sweet as can be. We were told she is about 45lbs, but after having her sleep on me all night and barely noticing her body weight I can only guess she is closer to 35. She's skin and bones right now, but very interested in her food and the goody cupboard that Baxter told her about so it won't take long before we can put some weight on her. She has the white hair of a mature 8yr old dog, but her playfulness and energy is puppy like. It's so cute, and refreshing.

I think the 4 of us are going to build quite the happy and active family. Baxter can teach Juliette to trust in us and enjoy the benefits of living in an "iron house," and Juliette can bring out a playful side in my old soul boy. It's going to be a fun, heart warming journey for us all.

And without further adue, please meet Miss Juliette.

she lOOKS just like Baxter in these pictures, but her face is so much smaller and her body is about half his size! This was last night, shortly after we got home she found a couple of toys and immediately started to tease Baxter - he pretty much just stared her down.

such a sweet, sweet little girl

and FINALLY someone will appreciate all these toys we have here!

Welcome HOME little girl.


Molly said...

Awwww! Congratulations on your future family member - looks like she's going to fit in perfectly!!!

Jaynee said...

Congrats! I bet she completes the family just perfectly!!! Can't wait to meet her!

Spokane Al said...

What a nice story and a great new beginning for you guys!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Juliette looks like she's totally happy! Our Sophie is on the small side (about 45lbs soaking wet) and still very much a puppy, even at 5 1/2 yrs old. Congratulations!

hilary said...

I've been grinning all day at reading this, and had to delurk to tell Ms. Juliette that she truly hit the jackpot. Looks to me like she couldn't have found a better family. Give her an extra scritch from an internet stranger, please.

chaco sandals said...

great post...nice story..

blw627 said...

I'm so happy for all of you. Totally meant to be <3

Erin said...

She's ADORABLE! I love the gray oldest V is getting one, too, and although it reminds me that he's getting older, I think they look so wise and charming all gray. I hope you have many, many happy years with Miss Juliette, and she with you! Congratulations.

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A good start for you guys. So cute, I love to have one like that too.