Thursday, November 18, 2010

By the Numbers

I've been logging my training into this website for a few years now. It was fun at first watching the totals grow as I trained for my first Ironman. Now, well... I'm just addicted to the data. Cause yes, I'm nerdy like that. I have to also admit that while I'm not one to need THAT much motivation to train as I love how I feel after working up a sweat, it sure does help get me out the door when I see blanks on the screen as I look at my weekly log.

Anyhoo - I was looking at my YTD totals for 2010 wondering what I would end up come the end of the year. There are a couple of pretty cool numbers I might hit if I can reverse my new found motivation to sleep in until 7 and take my "off season" seriously. While I know it's important to have the rest time before we start back up in January, but I also know we have a 10day break planned to finish off the year in Mexico.

So, the question is - can I manage to to find my big girl pants and get out there in the "cold" to ride another 430 miles to reach a 5000 mile bike year for 2010?? And, it looks like I need another 90miles to reach 1000 miles of running. I have about 5 weeks to hit the bike number before we head back to Mexico, and I'm sure ill hit the run number with the extra running days at the beach...

This is definitely my biggest cycling year ever! Not sure about running, and the swimming is right in the middle. As a comparison my previous 2 years were:

09: Bike: ~2300miles Run: ~850miles (only cause of the Tucson Marathon) and Swim: 127miles, clearly a year off of Ironman!
08: Bike ~4350miles Run: ~885miles and big swim year @ 183miles.

Anyone wanna help me reach those bike miles? It's cold out there ya know!

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