Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A few years ago a good friend emailed me with subject title of lemonade..... You know, life gives you lemons, you make.... well you know the rest (or can read about it here).

2009 has been all over the wall for the LaPans. If you have read my blog you have read all about the fun times. The numerous races I've been able to do setting PR in many distances. The entire summer spend traveling around, first with our friends in Utah, followed by months in the Pacific Northwest.

It was a summer of fun, reconnecting with old friends, losing touch with others. We visited people and places and tried new things and didn't follow a plan. Sorta lived in the moment. While yes, it still all sounds absolutely fantastic in 2009, it wasn't the complete story. I tend to talk about all the good in life. Glass half full kinda blogger, I suppose. I'm not going to change anything about that, just wanted to put it out there that I am expecting, hoping and longing for bigger, better and all around fresh start in 2010.

Back to the lemons. I suppose you can say the Lapans chose to take their lemons and turn them into sugary, sour yummy lemon drops. Maybe a little too many of those were had, but in the end we managed to survive this year. Those of you that know us, know the ups and downs of our year. We've managed to stay upright through some big real estate mishaps, family and loved ones drama. We've managed to get past the big bumps, and I think in the end realized our strong our relationship is, in fact I think our "lemonade" is pretty darn good.

While ending a year cycle doesn't necessarily mean everything changes come midnight tomorrow, but for me at least, it makes me hopeful. It gives a big fat ending line to an on the surface kinda good year that really was a struggle for so many reasons. It means a fresh start, and new beginnings. New adventures and new goals.

Tomorrow Shane & I are flying to Seattle to celebrate my uncle's marriage to his fabulous new wife Michelle, as well as bring in the new year. A weekend of celebration of a new family and fun times with my old family (college buddies). When we get home we will start fresh with a lot of things, including pulling the lemons off our tree in front that didn't make it over the summer, giving the good ones, the strong ones that survived a chance to thrive. It will be the theme of the new year.

Bring it on 2010. The LaPans are ready. New adventures, new challenges and soon a new member to the LaPan family (and the answer to your question is NO, just saying).


Duane said...

Hope you guys have a fantastic 2010!

MM said...

Happy New Year!

Jessica said...

Hope your lemonade is even more tasty this year :)

jessithompson said...

Great post... I love your take on a new year and new beginnings.