Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Baxter

Today is my baby boy's 8th birthday. Makes me sad. I hate that he's getting older. As nice as it is that he's not crazy 24hours a day, I miss it. He's still got so many years left in him, but really I wish he could stay 3 forever! Minus the hole in the wall he tried to eat through.

Here we are on the first day I got to bring him home, the day after Christmas, 2001. We were both babies then, and pretty much grew up together.

He's been THE BEST running partner anyone could ever ask for. We had our moments where I was barely running 10min miles and he wanted to go 7min miles. But, I think we've finally found our middle ground, and the gentle leader.

Still, he would be and always has been most happy OFF LEASH.

Shane tried to blame the fact that Baxter is somewhat of a lush on ME. But, here I have proof. Baxter's first taste of wine. Yes, that would be Shane's hand. I'm pretty sure he was trying to get the puppy to calm the F&%^ down. Little did he know what it would really do to him.

He always has been quite the ham.....

Still the most snugly, big lap dog EVER.

Even with his puppy....

Besides running, his favorite time is spent on the beach.

and drinking margaritas.....

After every race we do, Baxter gets to wear the medals. He sits and poses for his 'post race picture.' Could he be ANY cuter?

Happy Birthday Bub, here's to MANY, MANY more.


Jessica said...

happy bday baxter!!

kt said...

Happy birthday Baxter from Brick and Kona! Love, love love the pictures!

Judi said...

i love this post!! :)