Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bub's Beach

The first time we visited Rocky Point at the end of October/Beg of November was after my first half Ironman (Soma). I remembered being surprised how gorgeous the weather was. Nice enough to still sit on the beach, yet cool mornings and nights. This past weekend was much of the same.

The first couple days were cooler, but not COOL by any means. I was able to get in my 90min "long run" which actually was harder than I thought (couldn't have had ANYTHING to do with my hydration methods or anything). But, I survived.

Baxter could not have been more happy. For the most part, the beach was quiet, just a few families here and there, but Bub's beach was almost all his.

We were also blessed with very calm waters. Not yet cooled down, I actually got in and splashed around a bit. We took the kayak out a couple times, which reminded me how much I need to get back to my Daniel torture to strengthen myself up. I'm WEAK. My forearms are still a little sore.
On our last day the water was so calm, we couldn't resist going out one more time. I'm so thankful we did. We saw the dolphins for the first time all week. Not only did we SEE them, they appeared right next to us, some even swimming underneath our kayak. SO flipping cool. About 20 in the first pod, and another 15 or so shortly after. Why are they so much fun to watch!?

We decided to venture out a bit on Halloween. I couldn't help but take this picture. There were two ladies dressed up as "old ladies that lost their puppies." So creative, funny & yet also so wrong on so many levels. It was fun to see everyone dress up & getting into the spirit. We just have to do it next year....

Other than beach time & runs on the sand, we pretty much relaxed, read & ate shrimp. October is the beginning of the prime shrimping season & let me tell you they were fantastic. I think we perfected our shrimp grilling skills.... Here's a little teaser. They were even better than they look.

All in all a fantastic get away, so much we might try to sneak one more trip back in before it gets too cool.
I love our home away from home. Sometimes I think I was meant to live at the beach.

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