Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update from Mexico

Here we are, 4 days into our Mexico vacation and we're sitting at an American coffee shop using the wireless internet. Something is just so wrong about that..... At the same time, something is so GOOD about it as well. It gives us the opportunity to stay somewhat connected without having the constant "ding" of the blackberry.... Plus we can both do a little work then go enjoy the rest of our day!

Of course I forgot to bring my camera with some of the pics we've taken so far, so I'll have to share those next time.

It's absolutely gorgeous here. A little chilly in the morning, but not a cloud in the sky and it's warming up to about 70 by noon. Can't beat that in December!

After a 2 day escapade of driving ALL over the city to visit the families for the Holiday, Shane & I were VERY much looking forward to our trip down here.... Unfortunately for Shane, I volunteered to be the DD on Christmas, since he has been driving me around from party to party for a couple of weeks. Plus, it was mostly my family's day on Christmas....so I figured it was only fair to let him booze it up!

I think my Dad was a little disappointed I was driving... He had picked up a bottle of Hornitos to do my celebratory birthday shots. I took one for the team, but Shane had to pick up the slack and play "today's your birthday" with my dad. I think we were all secretly wishing we stuck to the plan of being in Mexico on my birthday through New Years... Oh well - we did what we were asked and stayed in town..... Next year will NOT be the same. Just saying.

So, the drive down here an morning packing was a bit rough for Shane. Fortunately for him, he has a very understanding wife (read as.... She's been there MANY MANY times), who picked up the slack... After a few hour later than planned departure, we were on our way. A pitcher of Margaritas later and a quick trip to the beach for the dogs and we were shortly in bed, completely exhausted from the week.

I woke up not feeling all that great. Aches, and tired... We went for a run on the beach and then took it easy the rest of the day. We decided to go into town to our favorite seafood restaurant, The Blue Marlin. Seriously, it is the best, most fresh food you will every get. A mixed green salad with all the fixing, followed by a 4 course meal of ALL fresh seafood. All for the bargain price of $29 TOTAL. Their motto - "Welcome Home." You really do feel like....

The next few days have been just as great. I got Shane to promise me we'd do SOMETHING active every day. A walk or run on the beach, boat ride on the kayak (we haven't done that yet...) and the topper... i decided we should do a pushup challenge. And of course I decided to add some ab work to that.... and some of Daniel's famous million lunges. Let's just say that wasn't one of my better ideas....I’m STILL sore. I guess I will just NEVER learn.

Well, I guess it's time to get back to enjoying the vacation... We have a few errands to run then we're going to try to take the boat out.

I hope you are all enjoying the Holidays - and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


SWTrigal said...

OK I am paranoid but I just saw something on TV about Americans getting hurt in Mexico just south of the border and I thought of you. PLEASE be careful!
Debi :)

momo said...

i was at a party on the 27th and this woman was telling me how on her 50th bday she decided to do 50 situps and 50 pushups every day the whole year. i started today with my 40 and was out of breath and could barely do the pushup part. how in the hell can that be?

you're on your own with those lunges tho.

J~Mom said...

Sounds totally amazing!! Happy New Year!

kt said...

Sounds wonderful. Enjoy. Happy New Year.