Wednesday, December 25, 2013

birthday cheer

Having your birthday on a holiday where basically everyone you know is busy celebrating with their family, isn't always fun.  But, what can you do, just like many things we can't choose, we most certainly didn't choose the day we were born.

Thankfully I have some pretty awesome friends to join me on (some) of my crazy adventures, so the celebration started early with a birthday swim of 36x100.  This is the biggest group I've had join me for my bday swim, and we had a blast!

I have to say, as much as some of us make fun of Facebook, it sure does make having a birthday pretty awesome.  Who doesn't like getting ~100 Happy Birthday wishes!?  Two of my favorite little notes came from my sister and my mom's best friend.

"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Sister, Happy Birthday to you! 

I am so happy you were born & I hope your day is filled with all the finest of Mexico, Hornitos, Jell-O shots, mas cervesas, dolphins, sunshine, doggy kisses, laughter & great memories! Happy Birthday!"

"HAPPY Birthday Krista! I so remember the day you were born and your mom and dad bringing you home in a Christmas Stocking. Enjoy your day."

My sister clearly knows what my day would be filled with, but the note from my mom's BFF made me smile.  I had actually never heard that story before...

Anyway, since we bought our house in Mexico about 10 years ago, we've pretty much spent every holiday (and birthday) here.  We've made it our own little tradition and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

We were blessed this year with stunning weather (so far) and while the nights get chilly, the days have been sunny and warm.  Yesterday for my birthday, I wanted to start the day off right so I added on to last year's birthday run with one more interval.  I have to say I was a bit intimidated by the thought of a ~10mile run doing 36 hard 1 minute intervals, since I haven't been running much, but it was a nice little kick in the pants and got me excited to start training again!  Shane was a good rabbit for me to chase, and kept me working hard to not get dropped!

The rest of my afternoon was spent just like this.... enjoying the perfect weather, view and a little gossip!

We headed into town pretty early to buy our shrimp and clams for Christmas Day Dinner, and had a couple of cervesas.  As we were listening to one of the Mariachi groups serenade a small group of people, they ended with a "happy birthday tune."  I couldn't help but laugh, that what were the odds?  There were 3 groups of people in this little bar overlooking the sea, and there were 2 Christmas babies. I asked Shane to sneak downstairs and buy the birthday girl a drink... 5 minutes later the gesture was returned and I was saying cheers with a nice little birthday shot.  The third group in the bar/restaurant was a woman with two adorable children.  After they finished their food, both littles came over to wish me a happy birthday.  It was so cute!

The birthday celebrations ended having dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  As much as I would love to order the yummy meal below, I'm afraid all the cream and cheese would throw me over the edge, but I did get a little taste of Shane's favorite, molcajete de camarones.  I got my usual, burn your insides, but tastes oh so good, camarones ala diabla (devil shrimp).

It was a perfect day, and perfect ending to my 35th year... ready for bigger, brighter and new adventures in the year to come!

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