Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dream Big

Of course a post with "dream" in the title would come right after the ever-inspiring Ironman World Championships, right?

I know everyone will have their favorite stories of the day, people that surprised them, endured, kicked ass, survived.  Who didn't love watching Leanda Cave run herself into first place, IM World Champ?  In fact, Shane and I were at sushi happy hour, sitting at the bar with my iphone leaning up against the menu watching the live feed.  Our bartender/waiter actually came around to see why the hell we were staring at the menu, #weirdos!   He was relieved to see we were actually watching something.

When our bill came, Shane looked up at him and said, "extra point (tip!) if you can name what it is that we are watching."   His response… Ugh, Kswiss Triathlon????   Lol.  Yah, something like that!  When we told it what it was, his response was "oh, cool!  have you heard of Ragnar?  I heard it's like really really hard!"

We just laughed.

I followed this year's race and pre-race coverage more closely than ever.  I had envy.  I wanted to be there.  I wanted to be there like never before… Could it be because I can, for the fist time, actually see I may have the potential of actually earning my way there?  You know, in the past I always said I had no interest in racing in Kona.  I never entered the lottery, I never thought it possible.  I said the heat would kill me, the ocean scares me (It does!).  But now I find myself longing for it.  I find myself looking at AG qualifying times and thinking, maybe, just maybe I could get there some day!  I don't know when it will be be, or what race will help me get there, but for once I'm starting to actually believe it can happen!

As I sit here thinking about all the possibilities, and dreaming big I'm in my first day of taper week before my next, and last triathlon of the season.  Soma Half Ironman.  My love/hate relationship with this race continues year after year, yet I somehow keep finding myself on that starting line.  I really wasn't going to do it this year.  I wanted to bask in my ironman canada high and recover for a while. Shane was going to to do it to put some revenge on his body that failed him at IMCA.  So, about 4 weeks out I realized how quickly I recovered from IMCA and was going to be training along with him anyway, so I might as well do it.  I registered 2 weeks ago!

Now I find that I'm excited for this Sunday.  I've got some run confidence going into the race and have nothing to lose by just going for it!  The only thing that doesn't feel 100% are my bike legs (and the couple extra lbs I'm carrying around in my post Ironman bliss!), but I'm hoping that's just from my harder running efforts.  Either way.  100degrees or 75degrees, come this weekend I'll put my last effort forward for the year and put it all out there.

Go Big or Go Home!


teri twarkins kelley said...

You are SO primed. Wanting it and knowing you are qualified to get there is so very relevant........

Michelle Simmons said...

I love this. The seed has been planted and now it can/will grow... :)))

Anonymous said...

We were glued to the computer on and off all day Saturday to watch the race go down. SO COOL! Sunday will be great for you! I don't think we'll see 100+ temps which is nice. And if you're down dropping off you bike after 1pm, stop by TriSports, I will be there helping Tomas at the Grand Opening!

Anonymous said...

...on Saturday, that is!