Monday, February 6, 2012

being sick

Seems like everyone and their mom, dog, child, brother has been sick in the past month. Nasty colds, bronchitis, aches, fever chills. I figured it was just a matter of time being before it got me, especially with a crazy past 8 weeks. 3 half marathons, a dog in surgery with weekly sedation and cast changes. An emergency trip to the dog hospital when his cast slipped. Husband traveling a lot = single doggy nurse (it really IS a lot of work) and topping it all off with my third and final half marathon when I was less than recovered from the second one out on a dirty, dusty farm on an exceptionally windy day.

Yup, I was doomed.

I'm sure I could have prevented some of it. Upped my greens and fruits and veggies, but when I'm tired and busy and single with the hubby out of town, I'd be lying if I said I didn't cheat on a good diet. Not that I'm out eating burgers and fries and such, but I'm lazy and don't cook my normal meals of everything in the fridge salads or grilled veggies and some sort of protein. I grab random stuff like ceral or just some scrambled eggs and sometimes forego all my normal nutrient packed meals. I also don't sleep well when I'm alone. Actually, I am not a good sleeper ever, but it's worse when I'm home alone.

With my less than perfect lungs due to asthma, as soon as my immune system gets compromised or the air is crappy or windy I am like a bullseye for all sorts of little viruses and infections.

But, when I do get sick. I'm not a good patient. I know it. I pretend I'm fine. I think I'm so healthy that I don't really need to rest, it will be all good. And, that's exactly what I did to myself last week and weekend which has resulted in my still in my pjs at 2pm today. I felt off all week, but not bad. No aches. By Friday I woke up sounding like nasty 20yr smoking veteran. I did a hill run, watched the HR and had a nice swim. I sounded way worse than I felt. When I got home I started to feel a little tightness in my chest so I called my doctor to see if I could get in and make sure my airways weren't compromised.

Really, what I was looking for was someone *professional* to tell me if I was ok to train ;)

My doctor is awesome and fit me in on his lunch break. He checked my lungs and they were all in the clear. I had a slight sinus infection so he put me on a zpack script to clear it up and get me back to normal training. I rested the whole day and night, and got up and did a 40mile bike ride keeping my HR really low. I was snotty as all get out (sorry all off Scottsdale) but took it easy and didn't fell bad. I stayed at all home all day and night resting (bored out of my mind), then Sunday got up for a group run. I did kinda feel a little worse today, but again took it easy. We stayed home and watched the superbowl, but I was a hot mess! I was like a snot fountain and was sneezing every 5 mins. Still no aches or fever, just all in my head. I was in bed by 9:30 and when I got up at 7:30 I definitely felt worse.

In typical Krista fashion I sat at my computer staring at my schedule trying to figure out how to still fit in all my workouts. It's my first ever super crazy swim week and even though it wasn't my idea, it was a challenge put out there for me and missing it would just drive me bonkers. I booked my spot for Kinesis and planned on swimming after.

I finally came to my senses when Shane told me I looked like absolute shit and decided to take the day off.

I know it's the right thing to do, but for some reason I just HATE missing out. I hate being sick. I hate giving in. Why can't I just be like most men everyone else and just take it easy. Rest. Get better? Be a whiney brat?

sorry boys, you know it's the truth

Thinking ahead, I'm going to try to be better about getting some natural immunity boosters in my diet ALWAYS, especially when I'm worn down, or Shane is out of town & I'm busy or not sleeping well. I've been doing some Dr. google research today and am thinking about getting a juicer. I know it's all the big fad right now, and while there are so many yummy fruits and veggies I do love, I have to admit there are lots I like, but don't LOVE ergo, I don't buy them. I think if I were to do daily juices with all this stuff it would be a great way for both Shane & I to get some added nutrition quickly.

So…. please send thoughts, suggestions on brands/models of juicer. And, NO I don't think I want the crazy $500 vita whatever from Costco. Isn't there something that is still great, but not so pricey? Please share!

What about THIS or THIS?


Molly said...

I love my Breville Juice Fountain Plus. You can get it from Bed Bath and Beyond and use one of their 20% off coupons to make it even cheaper. I LOVE all the extra nutrients I'm getting in from juicing - like I would eat beets any other time! Feel better soon.

Michelle Simmons said...

I have a Breville juicer and a BlandTec blender (like the Vitamix but imo better) and I have to tell you that the juicer hasn't been used since I bought the BlendTec but I use the blendtec almost daily. sometimes twice/day. It was worth the $375 I spent at Costco. :)

Rest up. Swim challenges will always be there next week...

Kate C. said...

I'm the SAME way! I try to pretend I'm not sick...which is how I ended up being sick for 5+ weeks. Learn from me Grasshopper. I wonder if the Ninja does a good enough job for juicing as well? Hmm...