Friday, December 23, 2011

Birthday Swim

For the past few years I've done some birthday workouts on my own. I'd bike xx miles, swim xx meters & run XX mins. I think the first year I even managed to do them all in a day. Always before my birthday, since it's on the 24th and well it's kinda hard to ride your bike and swim the laps at the beach….

Some people wonder why they heck I would want to push myself for my birthday, (yes I was asked this questions last week) vs relaxing and indulging. If you read this blog, well then you know that is just not my style.

Last week started the birthday workouts off with an impromptu bike ride. It was my first ride post Tucson half and my legs were still tight, but manageable. I met my training partner T on a pretty cool am and we headed out for a 2 hour flat ride. We were bundled up cozy, but the sun was shining and as we were heading up north we looked over and saw the 4 Peak mtns covered in snow. It was absolutely gorgeous. As we got close to the 1hr mark just chatting away I noticed we were at about 17miles so I decided we'd turn around at exactly 17 making it my 34mile birthday ride. It was perfect. It helped loosen up my sore tired legs, had a great social ride with my friend and couldn't help but just smile at the fact it's the end of December and I'm able to be outside in the sunshine on my bike…

Next up was the birthday swim. I'd been thinking about it for a couple weeks trying to figure out which day would be best. With the holidays & no access to a pool plus I had promised to watch my niece for a few days I came up with Monday the 19th. I put a post out on Facebook asking for company and before I knew it I had a group of about 10 people willing to come swim with me! I had no idea I'd get that much response wanting or able to come mid day during a work day but I was happy non the less!

Of course life gets in the way and the group slowly broke down, but I feel so lucky and blessed that I had a few friends able to still make it.

Preston, one of the friendliest most inspirational guys I've ever met - He started doing triathlons when he was about 50 and is a multiple ironman finisher, including KONA! He is the welcoming leader for our tri group, TriScottsdale.
Nigel, friend of Molly, got persuaded into joining in on the fun! I have to admit I was pretty excited as the last time I swam with him he gave me a run for my money so I put him in my lane and gave him the task of actually doing all 34x100 with me. All went great & we swam side by side until I tied his feet together with a band…. I think that is about where I lost him:).
Sweet Tracy took a half day off work to join in on the fun. I've just become close friends with Tracy in the past year and I'm really grateful to have met her. She's one of the most positive happy people I've ever met and share's my favorite triathlon quality of always "looking good" :)

There were a couple of spectators as well. Abby, baker extraordinaire, did the swim on her own earlier that morning, then made us the most delicious chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and took pictures. Really? I mean, how sweet is THAT?
Tracy's daughter came along and watched/enjoyed the post swim goodies and Shane stopped by for a treat as well.
I feel so blessed to have such great people in my life, and most of all for the ability to be able to celebrate my day doing the things that I love. Here's the workout for anyone interested. You can ignore the interval, it's set for the extra long gainey pool :) Next up - birthday run tomorrow. 34mins ez, 34mins tempo! Anyone can do THAT!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
8 x 100's easy @ 2:05 just warming up. stretch it out.
5 x 100's buoy only @ 2:00 tight core good rotation stemming from hips. neutral head position.
4 x 100's paddles/band ONLY. Nice. Must force rotation from hips on these to keep feet from sinking. rest is 15" after each or @2:05.
4 x 100's swim paddles only @ 2:00
5 x 100's swim where you go 50 sprint/50 easy @ 2:00
8 x 100's again @2:00, descend in sets of 2 (ie 2 holding 1:43, 2 holding 1:41, 2 holding 1:39, 2 holding as fast as you can go. ;)


Anonymous said...

FUN! I wish I could have been there! I would have joined you too even if I haven't swam in, umm, oh jeez that would have hurt! Enjoy the beach :) AND your birthday!!

Molly said...

It was great to see you there!!! I'm glad I was able to join in the fun. Have a wonderful time in Mexico!

mtanner said...

Happy Happy Birthday fellow December mate. Have a great holiday as well. We are so ALIKE!!!I love the whole Birthday workout too!

Michelle Simmons said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Krista!!!! Enjoy your run tomorrow! :)))

I would have to say, for me, nothing would ruin a birthday more than not being able to workout that day. ;)

Robin said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays.

Born To Endure said...

Lucky you!!!!!