Thursday, September 22, 2011

worth the wait

So, when I said my next post was going to be with a picture of my pretty new bike… I wasn't kidding. I could write a 10 page post about all the ups and downs of this bike buying experience, but anyone who has had any interaction with me over the past 2 months has already heard it. From the first bike (Argon) not fitting, to the road bike fit to determine what TT bike would in fact fit me (road bike fit STILL not finished, btw), to the seat post clamp drama, custom wheel tags, aerobat drama, bike physcho/guru, blah blah…

Yup, I'm ready to move on! So without further ado, meet;


Baxter is having a little bit of difficulty understanding why there isn't a yummy drink in front of him every time I say her name, but he's smart…. I think he'll figure it out, or not since we're heading back to Mexico next weekend.

I've been out on her a whopping 3 times, and will have a short 50min ride tomorrow, then she'll be out on her first race.

While I might get e-coli from Temp Town Lake and die of heat exhaustion on the run, my bike is smoking HOT and at least I will look good for an hour+ tour around TTL. So, I totally have that going for me. Then, 4 more weeks of work before I revisit my very first half IM (2005), and my very first DNF (2008).

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Anonymous said...

OMG I love it for you!! I am thrilled you got your new bike - I know how much you love to ride. YAY!! Don't melt at Nathans, I can't believe you have another HOT weekend - ARGH!