Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Ramblings

What a great week last week! Lots and lots of good stuff people....

Ironman Canada - officially registered. OMG. To go along with it Shane & I also hired a coach! We're so excited to have a plan, and someone to help us reach our goals (which aren't exactly determined yet). Although we've been racing triathlons for 6-7 years, we've never planned a year form start to finish. Never worked with a coach for anything other than one specific race at a time. To say we're excited doesn't do it justice.

I met our new coach, Lori-Lynn Leach after a track workout with our friend, Karen. We headed for "coffee" after the workout and Lori was in town for the week working with a couple of her athletes as well as visiting. Lori was giving the IMAZ athletes all sorts of nutrition and racing advice and I really liked what she had to say. Not to mention she lives in Canada and has done the race MANY times. After an hour phone conversation with her, Shane & I couldn't wait to get started!

I emailed her our "tentative" race schedule - which for the first time ever meant I was planning it ALL out. Weird. Exciting. NEW! :-)

Skirt Chaser 5k 2/13
Foothills 10k (date tent, not announced yet) 2/27
El Tour de Phoenix 4/10 (maybe, but it does have a lot of climbing!)
Rocky Point Triathlon 4/24
Tempe International 5/16 (maybe)
Deuces Wild either Oly or Half IM 6/5
EITHER - Desert half IM in CA (if we CAN) 7/11 or Centurian Colorado Century bike ride 7/17
Ironman Canada 8/29
Silverman (for Shane) 11/7, I might do Soma?

I guess I was a little fired up this week! I ended up getting some GREAT workouts in, including heading back for strength training with Daniella-Bella Torture trainer. THREE HOURS of workouts left my glutes screaming from Monday through, well still a little today.

I ended the week with:
17.37 miles of running
71.8 miles of biking
9,343 yards of swimming
2:50mins of strength training.

My running is feeling better each day. I had another visit with my ART wonder Doc and I graduated to not coming back for 2 weeks! My IT band has NEVER responded this quickly before, so when I asked him about it, Dr. Sherman said he is really getting in deep and using more pressure than he's ever used. Hey, whatever it takes!

Swimming is SLOWLY getting back there. I've still got a LONG LONG way to go to get my speed back to where it was when I was in shape, but it's getting easier.

Cycling.. Oh jeeze. I pretty much suck right now. I know I just have to start logging the time and focus on my cadence and pedal efficiency. I can't believe how much of my cycling fitness I've lost!

ON that cycling note.... I will soon have a REALLY REALLY cool announcement. My belated birthday present is a NEW BIKE! I had my heart set (for no particular reason) on the Wilier Cento Uno or the Look 585 Optimum, however after some measurements at my bike shop I found out the size I need, a 50cm top tube - so my options are limited. Fit is the #1 priority for me this time around, so I'm going to do it right. I've got my bike all picked out, but until she's officially ordered - I'm gonna keep it a secret just a little longer.

Couple hints. She's TINY (mini-ER me?), she's RED and she's foreign, but not that far from here :-)

On the swimming front. I went back to my gym pool for the first time in FOREVER. 24 hour Fitness pool in North Scottsdale should be CONDEMNED. I went Saturday and managed to get my whole workout in, but was so grossed out by how dirty the pool was. The chlorine content was SO strong I couldn't get the smell of me (or my suit) to save my life.

I gave the pool the benefit of the doubt and went back today, only to find the conditions worse. The chemicals stronger, the dirt in the pool worse, and on top of it all they had someone cleaning the floors with very strong chemicals using a brush & splashing the garbage, dirt & bleach all over WHILE we were swimming. I only made it 1500 meters before my lungs felt like they were crystallizing and my skin started to itch. Needless to say I will not be back at that pool for a LONG LONG time.

I heart masters swimming and the JCC pool.

A few rambles on the non-training front. Facebook. It's a crazy addition. It's annoying at time. I read things I really would rather not know, or not hear about. Yet at the same time it's FASCINATING. ON Saturday I received a note from a childhood friend. We lived just 5 houses from each other our entire lives. I haven't seen or heard from her since I moved to AZ nine years ago. So cool.

Facebook also reminds me of some of my best times in life. Or, my past life I should say. I get updates and pictures of all my girlfriends I was inseparable from in High School in college. While we've all got different lives now, some of them are still so close to each other. Particularly my Seattle area friends. Seeing their posts and pictures makes me miss them so much. They are down to earth, fun, and amazing. I really hope to get to spend more time with them in the next coming years. To me, my friends are my family. I need them, I miss them, I love them.

For my last ramble, it's BIG NEWS. It's RAINING in Arizona. Not sprinkles here and there, real life RAIN. Wet, dreary, cool, damp rain. And it's supposed to be here ALL.WEEK.LONG. We ran in the rain today. It was cold, and we ran a lot faster than planned, but it was also kinda nice. A nice change, especially knowing what I've got coming this summer. 110degrees, NON stop SUN. Humidity. Blah.

Lord help me.


momo said...

i don't think the term excited does this post justice. :) lots of way cool things on the horizon for you two! and did i read that right???? shane is doing to iron distance events this year. WOW!

相信 said...

Every why has a wherefore.........................................

Jessica said...

Your training schedule sounds great! You guys are going to be busy, and very impressive workouts this week :) nice job

jessithompson said...

Love the post... very exciting to make a plan and go for it!

My Life and Running said...

Krista, you amaze me girl. I have so much admiration for the hardwork you put into your sport and for the joy you so obviously receive out of it.

Now off to send you a message on FB! :)