Monday, August 17, 2009

Seattle, Wedding, Early Birthday and MORE.

This past weekend was my dear friend Shelby's wedding in Seattle. Shelby & I were good friends at WSU - always living with in steps of each other. The friendship continued on when she moved down to Arizona with me a couple of weeks after graduating, for the summer. A year or so later she had moved back to Arizona for a couple of years. Those were some fun times.. In fact, Shelby was the one who drove Shane & I (much to Shane's dismay) to the airport for our very first marathon in Monaco.

Perfect timing with our summer trip, so we were able to just hop in the car & drive over. A quick, but VERY eventful weekend.

I decided to surprise Shane for an early birthday gift by getting us a room at the Four Seasons. He has heard Melisa & I brag about the comfort and perfection of staying in the hotels, but he had yet to experience it. The Seattle Hotel was in the perfect location for the weekend, so we were completely set up. I had Shane fooled, thinking we were staying with my uncle in NewCastle until we were less than a mile from the hotel. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his stay....Really, I'm not sure how anyone would not.

Friday evening was a group Mariner game - 70 wedding guests would be attending the game together! Shane & I met up with my very first friend from Arizona, Angie - and her good friend Ryan for some food & drinks before the game. It's funny that I spent more time with Angie this weekend then I have in the last 5 years and we live less than TWO miles from each other. I think we both remembered how much fun we can have together, so our visits will be much more frequent again!

The baseball game was fun, or rather the social aspect of the baseball game was fun ;-) We headed out for a few more drinks (One can only have so many $7 bud lights at the game) - then back to the hotel for a nightcap. I had also surprised Shane by bringing a bottle of the FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka with us, so we grabbed a glass & headed to the pool level of the Hotel & sat by the fire... I have to say I'm not nearly as pleased with the Firefly as so many that told us about it! I'm more of a tart/sour person vs sweet - I don't even like sweetened tea. But, with a splash of lemon it did the trick.

We ordered room service for Breakfast after lacking on the food intake Friday - we were STARVING (and maybe a leetle hung over). It was quite the spread. Omelet with Mushrooms, cheese & smoked salmon. Pancakes, Toast & Hash browns. Fantastic way to start the day!

After a quick photo op on the rooftop, we headed a few blocks over to Pikes Place Market...
It really is a place like no other. Great People watching. All the fresh Seafood you could ask for. Produce that makes your mouth water just SEEING it. Street Performs. And, of course - the flagship Starbucks!

We pretty much just spent the afternoon eating, and drinking. Beechers had THE best Mac & Cheese I have ever tasted, along with a yummy crab sandwich.

Angie opted for a bit more, ugh adventurous snack of "chicken on a stick." Need I say more?

Once our bellies were good and full, we headed to The Tasting Room for some wine. Wine plus Yahtzee - too fun!

We got home just in time to shower & get all purdied up for the wedding! Finally, we actually looked like we belonged at the Four Seasons :-) Even had a celebrity spotting! Toby Maguire was leaving the fitness center & heading up to a Private Residence as we were on our way to the Lobby - too funny!

The wedding, and especially the bride were stunning. We were out on Mercer Island, right along the water - perfect setting!

The ceremony was fantastic. It was performed by the couple's good friend Andy making it more personal and special.

After high 5's from the new bride & groom to their wedding party - it was time to get the party started!!

Shelb was out on the dance floor all night - giving her man Matt some tips on her 'moves'....
Shane, Ryan & I kept our gimpy friend Angie company all night at the table. She just had foot surgery so even walking around was a bit difficult. At least that is what we told ourselves for being so lazy & not out dancing with everyone else :-) We kept ourselves plenty entertained tho...

Our creative centerpiece....

Shane - eating his "cake"

Don't even ask - but I just love this picture ;-)

It was an absolutely fantastic weekend. From the early birthday surprise & lush accommodations at the Four Seasons... To the fun night at the game... To the great afternoon spent at Pikes Place. To the wedding and reunion of some of my favorite people in the world - and those I had not seen in a VERY long time. And lastly ending with the fresh crab we brought home & enjoyed for dinner last night...
Nuf said!

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