Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas....

So, I finally have something other than training to talk about, but you know how it goes after a weekend in Vegas - most of it is best left unsaid, back in Vegas where it belongs. Just 17 girls with some very very good memories, some a little more fuzzy than others...

I met some new gals, and got to reconnect with old college friends I haven't seen in almost 10 years. How it got to be so long since I left WSU is beyond me. After 2 nights of drinking in the pool and going to the "clubs" at night, I actually do have a better idea of where the time went.


I posted an update on Facebook after day/night 1. "Las Vegas with 17 girls is harder than Ironman."
Obviously you can tell how I was feeling. But, I sucked it up, I rallied - slipped on my slinky "vegas dress." and out we went. One thing to say about having 17 girls in a group. You do get some VIP treatment. Free passes everywhere, front of the line service, free cocktails & most of all, lots of laughs.

The best part about this group was the vibe. No snooty, stuffy high maintenance gals there. Most of them are the most down to earth, sporty, gals from the Pacific Northwest I've ever met. Don't get me wrong everyone cleaned up very well at night, but during the day it was swimsuits, no makeup & buckets of Bud Light.
Here's to so many memories, friendships and most of all fun times with my bachelorette Shelby! Can't wait for August to see everyone again.

Here are a few photos (that I can actually share)!


shelby 'the bachlorette' carlson said...

It was an amazing time... and thanks for only putting up the clean photos, Krista. I must say, I have the best group of girlfriends ever. Ready to put their professional, athletic, family life behind them and party it up like we were 21 again!

Supalinds said...

Looks like a blast! Love the dresses, you look super hot. Glad you survived.