Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another Facebook Survey

"I am a marathoner"

1. Number of marathons you have run:

4 stand alone full marathons, 2 ironman marathons: Monaco 2001, RnR San Diego 2002, NY 2003, St. George 2007. Ironman CDA 2007 & 2008

8 half-marathons: Dessert Classic, Arizona Distance Classic, RnR AZ, AFC 3 times, Seattle, Tucson.

2. Where was your first marathon? Monaco 2002

3. Favorite Marathon course: New York, even though I hobbled in pain for 20miles, the crowd was AMAZING....

4. Most memorable race: Again New York. Shane proposed to me before the start of the race. He had a shirt printed up that said. "He asked, and all I got was this crummy T-shirt" It had a picture of the ring - which I was given AFTER the marathon! My IT band locked up at mile 6, and I hobbled the last 20miles to the finish line. Shane ran it with a hernia.

5. PR? St George. I think I could run a lot faster now, but my IT bands don't want to let me.

6. Ever run in a costume?NO

7. The only running shoes for me: I've tried them all - currently Asics Nimbus!

8. Ever injured? Story of my life - mostly IT bands, but I had a stress fracture 2 weeks into my first marathon training. I thought running in Nike Prestos was a good idea. Not so much.

9. Hot or cold weather runner? COLD - not like snowy freezing cold, but 50 degrees is PERFECT!

10. Morning or evening runs? Morning absolutely.

11. What is your motivation? Running is HARD. It's one of the best workouts I can do where I push myself. I love to eat and drink wine and running allows me to do so. My dogs are probably my best motivation though. The look on Baxter's face when he gets to go for a run is PRICELESS

12. Ever DNF? I pulled out of a half ironman, probably the best thing I've ever done for my health.

13. Marathon I'd like to forget: I would like to forget the PF Changs RnR half. I was sick, broke a fever and had a personal worst time. I absolutely hated the race & the course.

14. Favorite post race nosh: Salt

15. Galloway or Higdon? My first 3 marathons were with Racelab. My last was the Runner's World 3 day a week running plan. I will never go back to running 5-6 days a week.

16. Flat course or hills: Rolling

17. Back, Middle, or Front of the pack? Middle, Moving my way UP!

18. Run alone or with a partner: I love both. Sometimes you NEED someone, and sometimes you need to run alone. However, I really don't like running without my dogs!

19. Ever win your age group? Only in a 10k.

20. Favorite post marathon indulgence: Adult beverages and French Fries! ;)

21. Funniest T-shirt spotted on another runner during a marathon: I can't think of anything right now!

22. One part of your body that has never seen body glide: Well for running my big toes, but cycling is a whole different story....

23. Best part of running: You can do it just about anywhere!!

24. If I didn't run I_______________. I have been there. I couldn't run and I was miserable. Absolutely Miserable

25. I can't run without______________________.I kinda have a big list. Sunglasses & Gum are a must. I feel naked without my visor, my fuel belt, my Hr Monitor and my IPOD.

26. Ever lose a toenail? Yup, just a couple though.

27. Gatorade or Cytomax? Gatorade ONLY

28. Favorite gel flavor? I only like Power Gel. Plain, Raspberry or Green Apple

29. How many days after a marathon do you usually start running again? about a week.

30. I run, therefore I ________________________. ????!

31. Pre-race routines? I am pretty mellow now. I try on my outfit, lay everything out and put my chip on.

32. How often do you cry during a marathon? The first 1 was at the finish. The second one I don't think I cried & the 3rd I cried a lot. Pain, and happiness

33. What was your worst/least favorite marathon? I don't think I would ever do RnR San Diego again. I injured my IT band at that race & have never been the same.

34. What is your typical night before the marathon meal? Whole wheat pasta, spicy red sauce with mushrooms & buffalo mozzarella. A side Salad & a glass of wine.

35. Would you run a marathon again? I would LOVE to run another marathon, my body on the other hand doesn't agree :-(

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